Are functional mushrooms superior to psychedelic mushrooms?

Jake Plummer Is Sold on Functional Mushrooms

“We believe that functional mushrooms have as much, if not more, potential to help humanity than psilocybin, and that’s coming from me, who is dedicating my life to advancing psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics as a whole,” says Del Jolly, co-founder of the psychedelic research non-profit Unlimited Sciences.

That’s why he recently co-founded a functional mushroom company called Umbo alongside pro athletes Jake Plummer and Rashad Evans.

Plummer, former Denver Broncos quarterback, says he’s found a lot of healing through mushrooms, using them to counteract the harm that football injuries can have on the brain. He’s also noticed that his allergies symptoms and quality of sleep have improved since introducing functional mushrooms to his diet.

You can explore Umbo’s functional mushroom snack bars and capsules here or become an early investor in the company here.

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Goodbye styrofoam 👋

M2Bio Rolls Out Sustainable Packaging for Liviana

M2Bio Sciences developed a sustainable alternative to styrofoam out of mushroom mycelium and hemp. 

The foamy material, appropriately named Hempcelium, is fully biodegradable and can even remove industrial toxins from groundwater and soil.

Plus, it takes less energy to produce than styrofoam and can be grown into any shape.

M2Bio will use Hempcelium to safely ship its CBD olive oil products. 

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Turning oil into soil

Hair and mushrooms create a recipe for cleaning up oily beaches

Millions of liters of oil are spilled into the ocean every year. Mushrooms (once again) come to the rescue!

Mats made of human hair have been used to effectively clean up oil spills – they soak up over 15 times their weight in oil.

Oyster mushrooms thrive in oily environments and can easily be grown on the mats. In just 12 weeks, they can transform the black gunk into nontoxic soil!

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4,000% of your daily vitamin D

Blasting mushrooms with UV light boosts vitamin D by 4,600%

The majority of people are deficient in vitamin D. Mushrooms could provide a solution!

Wild mushrooms are rich in the vitamin, but commercial production (which is often done in the dark) reduces concentration levels.

Scientists discovered that exposing mushrooms to UV radiation can increase vitamin D levels to over 4,000% of your daily value per serving! The exposure also causes mushrooms to produce more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules.

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Mushrooms go high fashion

Californian firm touts ‘mushroom leather’ as sustainability gamechanger

According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, leather causes more environmental damage than any other fabric. Mushrooms are now being used as a sustainable alternative!

In a matter of weeks, mushroom mycelium can be grown into a material that looks and feels just like leather. It’s actually stronger and more durable than real leather 🤯

Even high fashion brands like Hermès are using the material!

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