Goodbye Blue Mondays

Debunking the myth of ‘Blue Mondays’: No evidence of affect drop after taking clinical MDMA

A recent study found pure MDMA administered in a clinic does not have the “come down” effect that recreational users often report the day after dosing. 

Participants maintained a positive mood during the week following the dose. Plus, no participant had used or desired to use illegal MDMA at the 3 month and 6 month follow ups.

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Donating psilocybin to patients in need

Red Light Holland’s Partner CCrest Laboratories Approved By Health Canada to Supply Psilocybin to the Special Access Program

CCrest Laboratories is donating psilocybin truffles so patients in need can access the medicine for free through Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP).

The company was just approved as a licensed psilocybin producer by Health Canada, along with Numinus Wellness (NUMI) and Filament Health’s (FH) Psilo Scientific, allowing them to supply psilocybin for clinical trials and emergency treatments through the SAP. 

The truffles will be grown by Red Light Holland (TRUFF) and tested at CCrest Labs before being donated as part of their “compassionate need and free supply” approach.

Red Light Holland Corp.

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The psychedelic that’s already in our brains

Did you know that one of the most promising addiction treatments is a psychedelic compound that’s found throughout nature and is present within the human body?

It’s called DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) and is thought to be produced in the brain’s pineal gland. It’s released in large amounts when we dream and when we die.  

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MAPS receives Innovation Passport for MDMA therapy 🎉

MAPS is Granted Innovation Passport in United Kingdom for MDMA as an Adjunct to Therapy for PTSD

The Innovation Passport will make MDMA therapy for PTSD widely available in the UK, as rapidly as possible!

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) found that 88% of patients had a reduction in PTSD symptoms after three MDMA sessions in conjunction with trauma-focused therapy. 

The organization was granted an Innovation Passport for the treatment – a UK designation that speeds up the timeline for approval of innovative medicines for life-threatening conditions (similar to Breakthrough Therapy Designations in the US, which the treatment received in 2017).

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – MAPS

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Mario’s secret revealed 🍄

Psyched Wellness Provides Update on Anti-Inflammatory Study with the National Research Council of Canada

The iconic red and white spotted mushroom (officially called Amanita Muscaria and unofficially called the Super Mario mushroom) is showing potential to treat arthritis.

Psyched Wellness (PSYC) is working with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to study the mushroom’s properties. It doesn’t contain psilocybin, but has a different psychoactive component called muscimol.

Preliminary data suggests that Amantia Muscaria could reduce inflammation in the skin, gut, brain, and lungs. The company believes it has potential to treat chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Maybe that’s why Mario can jump so high without destroying his joints 😉

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First commercial study of LSD in 40 years

FDA Clears MindMed IND for MM-120 in Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

MindMed’s LSD-based compound received FDA clearance, allowing the company to proceed with a trial that will be the first commercial study of LSD in over 40 years.

The study will assess 200 patients with generalized anxiety disorder to find the optimal dose of the formulation. 

Shares of MNMD spiked 30% following the announcement 💰

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Oregon is on track to provide legal psilocybin services in 2023


But one question remains unanswered: will the new program include microdosing?

For the past year, the Oregon Health Authority has been planning the regulatory framework to implement Measure 109, which legalized psilocybin sessions under the care of licensed facilitators. The program is on schedule to roll out at the beginning of 2023.

At the latest public Zoom meeting, a push to include microdosing in the program received backlash from some advisory board members, but others thought it was worth considering. Members have until the end of June to reach a consensus.

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