Help patients and clinicians fight for their right to psilocybin

Help TheraPsil-Supported Patients and Clinicians Fight for Legal Psilocybin

Our friends at TheraPsil helped 86 clinicians apply for Section 56 exemptions so they could participate in a psilocybin therapy training program.

Unfortunately, Health Canada denied the clinicians access to psilocybin, which will impact over 1500 patients who are desperately awaiting psilocybin treatments. Many Canadians will die before they have the chance to try psilocybin therapy.

TheraPsil needs our help to raise $100K to take the Canadian government to court to achieve lasting policy change so that Canadians can access the treatment before it’s too late. 

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World’s first DMT trial for depression

World’s First clinical trial for DMT-assisted therapy in Major Depressive Disorder Shows Consistent Quality of Psychedelic Response in Phase I

Small Pharma (DMT) successfully completed a phase I trial on the safety of DMT in preparation for a phase II trial on depression. Researchers discovered that:

  • Most of the 24 patients described the experience as pleasurable and not too challenging (even though no one had tried psychedelics before)
  • Although there were 20 adverse events (85% mild, 15% moderate, and 0% severe), no patient regretted participating
  • The trip lasted 20 minutes, and DMT was nearly undetectable in the blood after 60 minutes
  • For three months following the dose, there were no significant negative effects on anxiety or well-being

Phase II results are expected in the first half of this year, which will reveal how one dose compares to two doses in treating depression.

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Replace alcohol with this legal psychedelic drink

Psychedelic Water is a mildly psychoactive drink made with kava root, a herb used by Pacific Islanders in ceremonies for relaxation. The mood-boosting effect makes it the ideal replacement for alcohol. 

Psychedelic Water is having a buy one get one free sale to celebrate the launch of a new flavour – Prickly Pear!

Even multi-platinum producer Murda Beatz is a fan. “I want something that will make me feel good & expand my creativity; Psychedelic Water does exactly that,” he says.

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Acid-inspired invention earns Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize-Winning, LSD Dropping, Yet Problematic Scientist Who Invented PCR

LSD led to the invention of a technology that has slowed the spread of Covid and even earned a Nobel Prize – the PCR test.

Chemist Kary Mullis experimented with lots of synthetic psychedelics, which is no surprise considering he was friends with Albert Hofmann, the creator of LSD. 

He believes psychedelics made him think more creatively and gave him visions of sitting on DNA molecules. When asked if he would have invented PCR technology without LSD, he responded, “I doubt it. I seriously doubt it.”

So this pandemic would likely be a lot longer if it weren’t for LSD!

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COMPASS Pathways announces financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2021 and business highlights

COMPASS Pathways announces financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2021 and business highlights

COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) reported 2021 financial results including a net loss of $71.7 million ($1.79 loss per share) and $273.2M in cash. The company had a $60.3M loss ($3.55 loss per share) and $190.3M in cash in 2020.

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How psychedelics treat eye disease

PharmaDrug Receives Positive Results for DMT-Analogue Program to Treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma can cause irreversible vision loss and blindness. Current medications require multiple daily applications and have side effects like redness and stinging of the eyes.

PharmaDrug (PHRX) wants to develop a superior treatment using analogues of DMT.

The company discovered that the compounds can “activate protective pathways within critical cellular compartments of the eye” to reduce pressure inside the eye. 

PharmaDrug will collaborate with the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation to produce a device that can deliver low doses of the drug to the front of the eye. 

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What a DMT trip actually feels like

New study offers a detailed glimpse into the otherworldly encounters produced by the psychedelic drug DMT

Researchers interviewed 36 people immediately after a DMT trip. Here’s what they discovered:

  • All 36 people reported “entering other worlds”
  • 94% encountered some sort of otherworldly being or entity 
  • Entity encounters were overwhelmingly positive and often provided personal and cosmic insights (like self love or the game-like nature of reality)
  • 81% described the trip as “hyperreal” 

DMT increases theta brain waves, which are associated with dreaming, but it’s unclear why people have such similar “dreams” 🤔

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Discovering self-worth with ketamine

Healing my worth: Sarah’s story

Despite having a supportive family and a healthy lifestyle, Sarah had crippling self doubt and suicidal ideation. It wasn’t until she tried ketamine therapy that she realized why she felt these emotions.

The experience revealed that she never healed the scars of feeling unloved during her parents’ divorce. Her dream-like visions on ketamine showed her that separation is a natural part of life, and that she doesn’t need to be perfect to deserve love.

Sarah finally believes “I’m worth being here,’ she says. 

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