Participate in psychedelic research

If you’ve been wanting to try psychedelic therapy legally, now’s your chance!

Johns Hopkins is recruiting participants for a number of psilocybin studies on:

Plus, Nova Mentis is recruiting both autisitc and neurotypical patients for an observational study that will lead to a psilocybin microdosing study.

If you want to contribute to psychedelic research from home, check out Johns Hopkins’ online surveys on psychedelics and breathwork for anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

COMPASS announces new psilocybin therapy findings

COMP360 psilocybin therapy shows potential in exploratory open-label studies for anorexia nervosa and severe treatment-resistant depression

New studies suggest that COMPASS Pathways’ proprietary psilocybin has promise in treating some of the most challenging mental health conditions: severe treatment-resistant depression and anorexia nervosa.

After a single dose of psilocybin, 58.3% of patients with severe treatment-resistant depression (meaning they’d tried 5+ antidepressant treatments without success) had a reduction in depression scores for 12 weeks.

One quarter of patients no longer qualified for a depression diagnosis.

In the anorexia study, 30% of patients had significant reductions in symptoms at the 1-month follow up, increasing to 40% at the 3-month follow up.

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Music as medicine

Numinus Announces the Music as Medicine Event Series

Numinus Wellness (NUMI) is launching a series of ceremonial concerts called Music As Medicine to explore the role that music plays in psychedelic therapy.

The events will feature meditative and ambient musicians such as Jon Hopkins, East Forest and Superposition, as well as multimedia art and immersive guided meditations.

The first event will be in LA on May 21 – learn more here.

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Field Trip splits up

Field Trip Health Ltd. Announces Intention to Separate the Field Trip Discovery and Field Trip Health Divisions Into Two Independent Public Companies

Field Trip Health (FTRP) is separating into two independent public companies. Its drug discovery division will become Reunion Neuroscience Inc. and its client care division will be renamed Field Trip Health and Wellness Ltd. The separation allows each company to establish distinct capital structures and management teams that are suited to their unique strategies.

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Psilocybin churches in Oregon

Can a Religious Exemption Boost Legal Psilocybin Access in Oregon?

Attorney Jon Dennis submitted a proposal to Oregon’s advisory board that would allow spiritual and religious groups to become licensed as psilocybin service centers and hold group ceremonies.

Allowing these organizations to administer psilocybin therapy would make the treatment more accessible and affordable for those in need.

“It’s creating more space for these psilocybin [organizations] to exist without having to be in the underground,” says Rebecca Martinez, executive director of a psychedelic training program called Alma Institute.

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