Executive Spotlight: Douglas Gordon

Silo Wellness (CSE: SILO), which is based in Canada with operations in the US and Jamaica, is expanding its psychedelic portfolio to include 5-MeO-DMT as well as psilocybin and ketamine. The company cultivates psilocybin mushrooms in Jamaica, conducts psychedelic wellness retreats in two countries, and is testing a patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica with additional formats on the way. They have also announced a licensing agreement with the Bob Marley estate and will launch the world’s first global mushroom and psychedelics brand under the Marley name within the next month.

Full name: Douglas K. Gordon 

Title: Chief Executive Officer  

Company: Silo Wellness 

Years at current company: 1 

Education profile: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabisBefore entering the cannabis industry, I founded OCEAN Style, a luxury lifestyle Caribbean magazine encompassing print, electronic, broadcast, and digital publishing. 

Company Mission: We are passionate in our quest to make psychedelics widely available and to assist and support as many people as possible to help them reduce trauma or enhance performance and live more fulsome lives. We do this by bridging modern science with indigenous traditions to remove barriers to access psychedelics and make them easier to administer and ingest. 

Company’s most successful achievement: There are a number of developments of which I feel a great sense of pride, but I think it would be to recognize, as an early mover in functional mushrooms and psychedelics, the importance of having a path to consumers that would allow them to become educated on the health and wellness benefits of mushrooms and the important role that functional mushrooms play in the education and widespread acceptance of the transformative and healing power of psychedelics. With those considerations in mind, we identified the need for a globally recognized, trusted and relevant brand partner and were successful in entering into an exclusive global collaboration with the family and estate of legendary musician Bob Marley.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): Yes 

If so, how much?: C$5.1 million in our recent round 

Any plans on raising capital in the future? As we grow, operationalize and further expand the business plan, we expect there will be additional funding rounds to fund our global expansion plans.

 Most important company 5-year goal: To establish ourselves as a leading global psychedelics and wellness company that offers products that are helping to support people in leading better, more rewarding, and more fulfilling lives. With the estate of Bob Marley and the brand we are developing together, we will create the first-ever global mushroom brand. Over time, we will introduce a portfolio of quality branded products with the intention of becoming the leading global brand in the functional and psychedelic mushroom category.