Episode 16
What physicians really think about psilocybin

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have Dr. Lyle Oberg, co-founder and CEO of MYND Life Sciences. Dr. Oberg has had an extensive career across many sectors, including working as a family physician and as the Chief Policy and Medical Officer at a cannabis company. He was also part of the Alberta government for 15 years as Minister of Finance, Social Services, Learning, and more. Stick around to hear what Dr. Oberg has to say, we are sure it will give a new insight into the world of psychedelics!

Episode 14
Psilocybin and ketamine assisted group therapy workshops with Dr. Shannon Dames

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have Dr. Shannon Dames, a professor of nursing at Vancouver Island University. Shannon runs an organization called “Roots to Thrive”, a ketamine-assisted group therapy workshop. She recently teamed up with TheraPsil to organize the first-ever legal psilocybin-assisted group therapy workshop.  Safe to say she’s pretty busy!

Episode 13
A special episode: Our host Brett recounts a recent psilocybin therapy session with his guide Adrian as the guest.

In this very special episode, our host, Brett, recounts his experience of a recent guided psilocybin session, in which he relived the passing of his mother from her perspective. His guest, Adrian Oberg, was his guide through the whole process!

Adrian started the Victoria Association of Psychedelic Study (VAPS). He has a background working in harm reduction and has been guiding people through psychedelic therapy sessions for the last 5 years

Episode 12
Can DMT really help cure addiction?

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have David Mayoh, communication manager for Entheon Biomedical. David talks about how psychedelic therapy changed his life and how DMT can help those who are suffering from addiction.

Episode 11
Why a psychedelic retreat might be the best vacation you’ve ever been on

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have the CEO of Silo Wellness, Douglas Gordon. Silo Wellness offers legal, psychedelic retreats in Jamaica and Oregon. Their mission is heavily rooted in the education around the physical and mental benefits of mushrooms. We hope you enjoy this one!

Episode 10
Where Religion And Psychedelics Collide

On this episode of the Daily Mushroom, we have Peg Peters. Peg is setting up a ketamine assisted psychotherapy clinic just outside of Vancouver, BC. He discovered psychedelics in his mid 40s, taking a 6g dose of psilocybin mushrooms while accompanied by a therapist. After that experience his career in psychedelics took off!

Episode 9
Functional Mushrooms for Health & Nutrition with Freshcap CEO Tony Shields

Tony, CEO of Fresh Cap. Tony’s knowledge on mushrooms is deep and expansive and stems from a childhood fascination with these magnificent fungi. If you want to learn more about the benefits of functional mushrooms, this podcast is for you

Episode 8
The DMT Cure for Chronic Pain and PTSD

Kieran, a retired black ops vet who magically cured his neck pain with a wild DMT trip. Kieran talks about being in a constant stress state while serving and how psychedelics help him cope with ongoing PTSD.

Episode 7
The Truth About Psilocybin and the Brain

Julia Joyes is the research director at Therapsil, a non profit organization making a difference to mental health in Canada. Julia has her masters in neuroscience and gives us a closer look at what happens to your brain when we ingest psilocybin.

Episode 6
Psychedelic medicines could hold a promise never seen before in mental healthcare

Dave Philips, a registered clinical counselor, has integrated psychedelic therapy into his practice. Dave talks about how he is training the next generation of psychedelic counselors and how he started in this extraordinary field.

Episode 5
Psilocybin, is it the next cannabis wave?

Lenny Kerman is a strategic financial consultant who works with various psilocybin and cannabis companies. He talks about how he’s invested in the space and has some valuable information for those looking to invest as well.

Episode 4
How Psilocybin Is Revolutionizing The Way We Die

Registered nurse from at Therapsil, Natasha Fearnley, discusses her experiences delivering psilocybin therapy, her experiences and her views on the space

Episode 3
Paula, a holistic counselor, talks about her experiences with psilocybin

Paula talks about why she got into this field of work, how it relates to her, and what she’s learned about herself and others through her many experiences.

Episode 2
Thomas Hartle, the first Canadian to be given legal access to psilocybin therapy in Canada

Thomas Hartle, our guest on this podcast, is Canada’s first ever recipient of legal psilocybin therapy. Thomas is a stage 4 cancer survivor, he was given the section 53 exception to help aid his end of life anxiety. Listen to get the full effect of his experience!

Episode 1
Industry insider Alanna Kit discusses her past and the future of psilocybin assisted psycho therapy

Our host Brett sits down with Alanna Kit, an industry insider in the psilocybin space. She discusses her past and the future of psilocybin assisted psycho therapy