Turning oil into soil

Hair and mushrooms create a recipe for cleaning up oily beaches

Millions of liters of oil are spilled into the ocean every year. Mushrooms (once again) come to the rescue!

Mats made of human hair have been used to effectively clean up oil spills – they soak up over 15 times their weight in oil.

Oyster mushrooms thrive in oily environments and can easily be grown on the mats. In just 12 weeks, they can transform the black gunk into nontoxic soil!

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How psilocybin treats eating disorders

Tryp Therapeutics: An Interview with Jim Gilligan Ph.D.

Over-eating disorders occur when the brain is not providing the patient with a signal to feel full. 

According the the Chief Scientific Officer of Tryp Therapeutics (TRYP), psilocybin therapy could be used to correct the malfunctioning neural network while helping patients work through food-related anxiety. 

This week, the company got the go-ahead from the FDA to continue its binge eating study, so we’ll soon know if the theory holds true!

Nature’s acid ✿

Morning Glory Has A Hell Of A Psychedelic Story

This common flower can make you trip?! 

The seeds of Morning Glory flowers contain a hallucinogenic compound that’s similar to LSD. It’s said to induce a dreamlike state and was even used in Mayan rituals to communicate with spirits.

(However, it can also cause nausea, vomiting, and cramping, so do with that information what you will 😉)

Research on the plant is gaining traction, so we may see it in clinical trials in the near future.

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MDMA works better than antidepressants

Latest Trials Confirm the Benefits of MDMA – the Drug in Ecstasy – for Treating PTSD

Plus, the effects are long-lasting!

A recent analysis found that, on average, patients who received MDMA-assisted therapy experienced a 22 point reduction in PTSD scores, whereas daily antidepressants only reduced scores by 6 to 14 points. 

One year after receiving the treatments, patients still reported benefits:

  • 84% reported improved feelings of well-being
  • 71% had fewer nightmares
  • 69% had less anxiety
  • 66% had improved sleep

Why is it so effective? MDMA reduces feelings of intense anxiety, allowing patients to open up and work through traumatic memories without fear.

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Take this test before your first ayahuasca retreat

Entheon Biomedical Announces Expanded Psychedelics Genetic Test Panel

HaluGen Life Sciences expanded its psychedelic DNA test – it can now assess how your body metabolizes LSD, MDMA and ayahuasca. 

The kit tests for a CYP2D6 gene mutation, which can cause metabolism of the drugs to take up to twice as long. This could lead to longer, more intense trips and adverse reactions. 

Thankfully, the mutation is only present in 5-10% of people!

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Fixing brain damage at home

Ixtlan Bioscience Announces the Filing of New Patent for the Psilocybin Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Pathologies

Evidence suggests that microdosing improves cognitive function and memory. This kit could take the benefits up a notch.👇🏽

Ixtlan Bioscience, a private Israeli company, filed a US patent for a microdosing kit that can be used at home to treat Alzheimer’s, brain damage, and neuronal disorders.

The kit includes:

  • Psilocybin capsules
  • Games and exercises to enhance the benefits of microdosing
  • A web application that patients can use to track their progress.

Who knows, maybe this time next year, it’ll be the trending gift to put under the tree. 🎄

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