Will psychedelics become take-at-home prescription drugs?

Psycheceutical, Inc. Announces New Patents that Enable Psychedelic Compounds to be Administered as Pharmaceutical Medicines

Most psychedelics are administered through the digestive tract, but this can require higher dosages, slow the absorption, and can have unwanted side effects. Psycheceutical Inc. is taking a different route.

The Miami-based company just received two patents that could turn psychedelics into safe and effective take-at-home drugs.

The first is for the Janus particle technology, which uses layers of nanoparticles to target specific cells. The technology can deliver multiple medicines simultaneously at different rates and times.

The second patent is for the company’s NeuroDirect technology, a delivery system that administers compounds directly to nerve connections in the brain. This method bypasses the blood-brain-barrier, which will allow for smaller doses, faster responses, and improved efficacy.

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