A therapist’s experience with MDMA

I’m a Therapist Who Tried MDMA—Here’s How the Experience Shaped My Perspective on Psychedelic Therapy

Sara Reed, licensed marriage and family therapist, tried MDMA therapy as part of MAPS’ training program. Her experience deepened her understanding of herself and helped her process the loss of her grandmother. 

“As the medicine and the music carried me away, my grandmother appeared. Tears flowed down my face and joy filled my heart. It had been years since I had felt her presence like this. Seeing her in this bright, liberating light was an important part of my grieving process.

She took me to a place I knew existed but had never seen. I traveled to what felt like the essence of the universe, a space of Divinity, a place where I belonged. The vision revealed my presence within this enormous Whole—a place that had no beginning or end, where there is no distinction or separation from love. I call that place home. And for the first time in my adult life, I felt freedom. Me, a young Black woman. Free. Human.”

The experience also made Sara realize that the psychedelics industry needs to prioritize culturally sensitive care to make treatments safer and more accessible for BIPOC communities.

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