Are functional mushrooms superior to psychedelic mushrooms?

Jake Plummer Is Sold on Functional Mushrooms

“We believe that functional mushrooms have as much, if not more, potential to help humanity than psilocybin, and that’s coming from me, who is dedicating my life to advancing psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics as a whole,” says Del Jolly, co-founder of the psychedelic research non-profit Unlimited Sciences.

That’s why he recently co-founded a functional mushroom company called Umbo alongside pro athletes Jake Plummer and Rashad Evans.

Plummer, former Denver Broncos quarterback, says he’s found a lot of healing through mushrooms, using them to counteract the harm that football injuries can have on the brain. He’s also noticed that his allergies symptoms and quality of sleep have improved since introducing functional mushrooms to his diet.

You can explore Umbo’s functional mushroom snack bars and capsules here or become an early investor in the company here.

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