Autistic children try microdosing

Mycrodose Therapeutics and Nova Mentis Announce LOI to Co-Develop Advanced Drug Delivery System

According to preclinical research conducted by Nova Mentis (NOVA), psilocybin has potential to reduce anxiety in autistic patients and could improve cognitive function in patients with fragile x syndrome (FXS), a genetic condition that causes learning impairments.

Now, the company is forming a joint venture with Mycrodose Therapeutics to accelerate R&D into the treatment. The partnership will use Mycrodose Therapeutics’ patented systems to self-administer a non-invasive microdose.

The joint venture plans to conduct human clinical trials on a broad range of patients with FXS and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including pediatric patients. This will be the first study investigating psilocybin’s impact on children.

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