Benzinga – Entheon Biomedical And Psygen Labs Inc.’s DMT Drug Supply Agreement

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This article was originally published on Microdose Psychedelic Insights and appears here with permission.

The mantra of the emerging psychedelic medicine industry ought to be collaboration over competition. It seems that almost every week, a new collaboration or partnership is announced. Today, Canadian biotechnology company Entheon Biomedical announced a DMT drug supply agreement with the Calgary-based psychedelic company Psygen Labs Inc. Psygen will supply Entheon with DMT for upcoming “formulation, preclinical, clinical, and post-approval commercialization phases.” Exact details on this agreement can be found in the press release below.

PsyGen Labs Chief Scientific Officer Peter Van der Heyden also spoke at our Mushrooms Conference in November – for the full story, click here.

Additionally, you can read our exclusive story on Entheon’s use of DMT-assisted psychotherapy for addiction treatment here.

About Entheon Biomedical Corp.

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Entheon is a biotechnology research and development company committed to developing and commercializing a portfolio of safe and effective N,N-dimethyltryptamine based psychedelic therapeutic products (“DMT Products“) for the purposes of treating addiction and substance use disorders. Subject to obtaining all requisite regulatory approvals and permits, Entheon intends to generate revenue through the sale of its DMT Products to physicians, clinics and licensed psychiatrists in the United States, certain countries in the European Union and throughout Canada.

About Psygen Labs Inc.

Psygen Labs Inc (“Psygen“) is a Calgary-based company specializing in the synthetic manufacture of psychedelic medicines. The company provides non-exclusive access to psychedelic drug substances and products for clinical research and therapeutic applications. Psygen is well positioned to be a lead supplier for the emerging commercial market. Psygen has sponsored a Licensed Dealer who holds a license for the manufacture, sale, import, export, and analysis of psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, LSD, 2C-B, and mescaline. Psygen’s chemists and manufacturing lab currently reside at the University of Alberta. Psygen has applied to Health Canada for a corporate Dealer’s License which will allow the company to manufacture, possess, sell, import, export, research, develop, and analyze psychedelic drug substances and products. Psygen is actively developing and constructing a 6000sq/ft lab capable of large-scale synthesis, formulation, and distribution of the above and additional psychedelics. Psygen intends to be the leader in psychedelic supply chain solutions and is committed to supporting the renaissance in research and clinical treatment of a wide variety of mental health issues.

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