Issue 55 / Wednesday June 8, 2022


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🍄Wiz Khalifa’s new shroom brand

🍄 An athlete’s take on microdosing 🏋️

🍄 Ketamine for corporate wellness

🍄 Colorado following in Oregon’s footsteps?

🍄 And more.

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Wiz Khalifa launches shroom brand

In partnership with Red Light Holland (TRIP), multi-platinum rapper Wiz Khalifa is starting a psychedelic and functional mushroom brand called MISTERCAP.

Red Light Holland hopes to leverage Khalifa’s huge following and entrepreneurial success in the cannabis industry to help end the stigma surrounding psilocybin.

The brand will sell:

  • Recreational psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands (potentially expanding to other markets if legalized)
  • Mushroom growing kits in the US, Canada, and Europe (launching by the end of this year)
  • Other functional mushroom products
  • And, of course, merch 

[ Insert reference to Young, Wild & Free ] 🤪

Red Light Holland also announced that it’s starting a new program to provide advice and funding to business owners who are looking to enter Oregon’s legal psilocybin therapy market.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Mark your calendar – DOSED 2: The Trip of a Lifetime is coming to the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on  August 3rd! 

If you haven’t seen the original DOSED, check it out here. The award-winning documentary follows a woman overcoming opioid addiction with psilocybin and iboga.

DOSED 2 shares the remarkable story of a terminally-ill cancer patient who was granted the right to try psilocybin mushrooms to treat her end of life anxiety.

The special event premiere screening will be followed by an audience Q&A with:

  • Renowned addiction expert and author Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Legendary psychonaut Dennis McKenna
  • Psychedelic therapist (and your fave Daily Mushroom Podcast guest) Dave Phillips
  • Patient Laurie Brooks
  • Filmmakers Tyler Chandler & Nicholas Meyers
  • And more!
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An athlete’s take on microdosing 🏋️

A tiny dose of magic mushrooms might help you improve your form in the gym.

According to jiu jitsu athlete Adam Hanna, microdosing before a workout could help you focus on mind-body connection to better understand your body’s movement patterns.

“You are learning to do the same moves while under different states of consciousness, which helps you feel very small details,” he explains.

“Example: Exactly where my weight is in my fingers in a handstand. Is there enough weight in my thumb and index finger? You can hone in on stuff like this. It can help you really focus exclusively on tiny details that you don’t always think to do when sober.”

Ketamine for corporate wellness

With companies investing more and more money in their employees’ mental health, psychedelic therapy could soon be included in your benefits package.

In 2019, the CBD company HempLucid partnered with Numinus Wellness (NUMI) to offer ketamine-assisted therapy to its staff members. The results were so positive that Numinus is planning to expand the corporate ketamine services to all of its 13 clinics in North America.

“It’s been revolutionary to how we operate as a business,” says HempLucid’s Founder and CEO Chase Hudson. “Offering ketamine treatments to our employees has shown incredible benefits for healing, positivity, and productivity in the work environment.

If anyone manages to negotiate ketamine therapy into their benefits package, please let us know 😉

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Field Trip Health (FTRP) announced year-end financial results $63.7M in cash and a $54.7M net loss. The company’s revenue is steadily increasing, reaching $1.7M in Q4 (up 26.7% from Q3) for a total of $4.9M for the fiscal year.

HAVN Life Sciences (HAVN) entered into an agreement to supply psilocybin mushrooms to Healing Escapes Foundation, a non-profit offering mental health retreats in Jamaica.

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) ruled in favour of Compass Pathways (CMPS) after the non-profit Freedom to Operate challenged the validity of its psilocybin patents back in December. 

Nirvana Life Sciences (NIRV) filed a patent for a process of isolation 4-PO-Psilocin compound, a psychedelic compound that, like psilocybin, the body converts into psilocin. 4-PO-Psilocin can be converted into a water-soluble salt, offering new administration methods and increased bioavailability. 

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Colorado to vote on psilocybin measure this Fall!

After Colorado activists submitted nearly twice the amount of signatures required, the Natural Medicine Health Act will appear on the ballot this November!

Colorado residents will vote to legalize possession of certain psychedelics and implement a model for legal psilocybin treatments, similar to Oregon’s.

Oregon county opposing psilocybin measure

One rural county has proposed to ban the services before they start.

As you likely know, Oregon will become the first state to offer legal psilocybin therapy starting next year.

This November, Linn County residents will vote on a county-wide ban on psilocybin production, manufacturing, and therapy facilities.

US military to study psychedelic therapy?

Last week, an amendment calling for the Department of Defense (DOD) to study medical cannabis for military service members was approved by a House Committee.

Now, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is pushing for the amendment to be expanded to include psilocybin and MDMA. If approved the DOD would be required to study the therapeutic potential of the drugs as alternatives to opioids prescribed for chronic pain.

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