COMPASS announces new psilocybin therapy findings

COMP360 psilocybin therapy shows potential in exploratory open-label studies for anorexia nervosa and severe treatment-resistant depression

New studies suggest that COMPASS Pathways’ proprietary psilocybin has promise in treating some of the most challenging mental health conditions: severe treatment-resistant depression and anorexia nervosa.

After a single dose of psilocybin, 58.3% of patients with severe treatment-resistant depression (meaning they’d tried 5+ antidepressant treatments without success) had a reduction in depression scores for 12 weeks.

One quarter of patients no longer qualified for a depression diagnosis.

In the anorexia study, 30% of patients had significant reductions in symptoms at the 1-month follow up, increasing to 40% at the 3-month follow up.

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