Compass Pathways conducts world’s largest psilocybin therapy trial

COMPASS Pathways completes COMP360 psilocybin therapy administration for 216 patients in large-scale phase IIb psilocybin therapy trial for treatment-resistant depression

Move over Prozac, Compass Pathways (CMPS) just made major progress in psychedelic treatment for depression. The company is conducting the world’s largest psilocybin therapy trial for its proprietary psychedelic compound, COMP360, which targets treatment-resistant depression. So far, 216 patients have had psilocybin therapy sessions at Compass’s 22 trial sites across 10 countries, with 14 more patients completing sessions over the next two weeks. Researchers will follow-up with each patient 12 weeks after the sessions and will publish the findings by the end of this year. Other studies have found that psilocybin is 4 times more effective than typical antidepressants – let’s see what Compass’s new research reveals.