Couples who trip together stay together

The case for psychedelic couples counselling

Jayne Gumpel, a licensed social worker and experienced couples therapist, helps couples prepare for psychedelic journeys and integrate their trips.

She says that every experience has been successful so far, but one couple’s psilocybin trip stands out to her in particular.

“I wouldn’t say they were on the brink of divorce, because they had kids, but they felt like they were living like siblings. There was no sex, and they felt really disengaged and unhappy.

They went in (to the trip) with the intention of doing it as a couple connected, not separate journeys. They wanted to sit and hold hands and look in each other’s eyes. And they both experienced being pre-birth together. They experienced themselves in their past lives, and they were brothers.

Whoa. I know.

When you talk about it on this level in this reality, it sounds really far-out. But they were brothers and they got separated. There was some catastrophe, a fire or an earthquake. They didn’t come back together again in that lifetime. They lost each other, so they felt the pain of that situation. They were both crying because they were lost and they were looking for each other. Then they found each other and were so happy.”