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🍄 Psychedelic therapy enters the Metaverse?!

🍄 Kids try ketamine

🍄 How psychedelics help you manage stress

🍄 Microdosing for a better sleep

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How psychedelics help you manage stress

Psychedelic drug users had less psychological distress and more social support during pandemic lockdowns, according to a recent Tilburg University survey. 

Users were more likely to spend time outdoors, maintain healthy diets, meditate, play music, and do yoga. Non-users spent more time watching TV and following COVID news.

Ditch your opioid addiction

A new study found that people who used psychedelics within the past six months were 55% less likely to use opioids daily. 

Can microdosing before bed help you sleep better? 

MindMed (MNMD) launched a study to investigate the effects of microdosing LSD in the morning versus the evening.

Researchers will use digital devices and software to track:

  • Various sleep measures
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Mood
  • Cognitive function
  • Regulation of emotions
  • Quality of life &
  • Immune function

Too much screen time, shopping, or sex? 

Clearmind Medicine’s (CMND) proprietary compound could treat alcohol addiction, but that’s not all. It is now being evaluated to treat other addictive behaviours such as compulsive consumption of food, television, technology, shopping, gambling, and even sex.

Reducing alcohol cravings

A study discovered that psilocybin can reduce the odds of alcohol relapse! 

How does it work? Alcohol reduces a protein in the brain called mGluR2. In a rat model, researchers found that the more protein lost, the more alcohol the rats craved, creating an addictive cycle.

Psilocybin was able to restore protein levels, thus decreasing relapses.

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Psychedelic therapy enters the Metaverse?!

Tennessee-based ketamine company Revitalist (CALM) announced that it’s developing a mental health clinic in the Metaverse 🤯

Patients will be able to attend VR therapy sessions, pay with cryptocurrency, and earn NFTs as part of a rewards program.

Should kids try ketamine?

Most parents think they should! 

A survey shows that parents, especially those who have experienced mental illness, are very open to ketamine therapy for children. The average acceptance score was 7/10 and over 60% said they would allow their child to try ketamine therapy to treat depression. 

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Allied Corp. (ALID) sourced the active ingredients to produce Psilonex™, its formulation of psilocybin, functional mushrooms, and vitamins. It will be used in conjunction with a daily dose of CBD in an upcoming clinical trial on depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Way2Grow Biopharma, a private BC company, received a license from Health Canada to create a psychedelic production campus. The company can produce up to $30 worth of compounds to sell to pharmacies and clinics.

Delic (DELC) launched a free, virtual education program to teach the families of ketamine therapy patients how they can best support their loved ones through the healing journey.

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Suing for access to MDMA

A psychiatrist is suing the Australian state of Victoria for denying a patient access to MDMA-assisted therapy. The case has been adjourned until early next year, as the government may decide to reschedule MDMA from a Schedule 9 to a Schedule 8 substance.

Tackling one of the biggest litter problems in the world!

Researchers in Australia are training oyster mushrooms to digest cigarette butts, including their microplastics. The goal is to turn some of the 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that are littered annually into a reusable material!

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