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🍄 Results from a global microdosing study

🍄  Ayahuasca vs. placebo

🍄 3D-printed psychedelics

🍄 Can mushrooms fight covid?

🍄 And more.

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Where Religion And Psychedelics Collide

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have Peg Peters. Peg is setting up a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinic just outside of Vancouver, BC. He discovered psychedelics in his mid 40s, taking a 6g dose of psilocybin mushrooms while accompanied by a therapist. After that experience his career in psychedelics took off!

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Ayahuasca vs placebo

An ayahuasca retreat could make you more empathetic!

In a recent study, participants reported reduced stress, anxiety, and depression after attending an ayahuasca ceremony… even those who were given a placebo. 

However, only the ayahuasca users showed increased empathy.

The supportive group atmosphere could explain why people experienced benefits even without taking ayahuasca. 

Don’t get triggered

Researchers discovered that DOI (a psychedelic that’s similar to LSD and mescaline) can reduce anxiety and increase neural plasticity. Rats stopped showing anxious behaviours in response to fear triggers after a single dose!

How psychedelic ceremonies change your beliefs

A survey of ~900 psychedelic ceremony attendees revealed that psychedelic use is associated with a decreased belief in materialism, an increase in transcendentalism, and improved mental health. Participants showed more moderate views on metaphysical beliefs after the ceremony rather than extreme stances.

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Get ready for a psychedelic TV series coming this summer!

This month’s issue of Los Angeles Magazine features an in-depth cover story on the city’s recent obsession with psychedelics. 

Now, the story is being developed into a drama/comedy series called Psychedelic City (think Silicon Valley meets Limitless).

The writer hopes the show will “wipe away some of the stigmas that have been attached to psychedelics.”

The developers are also creating a Psychedelic City metaverse platform with immersive art, music, and experimental therapies. 

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Biomind Labs (BMND) developed a new way to manufacture psychedelics using 3D printers and lasers. By printing the formulation layer by layer, the company can control exactly when the drug is released and adjust doses for each patient.

LOVE Pharma (LUV) signed a letter of intent to acquire Microdoz Therapy Inc. to accelerate a psilocybin trial for cannabis use disorder. Seems ironic considering that the company also sells THC and CBD oral strips!

Entheon Biomedical (ENBI) has begun testing the stability of its DMT formulation in preparation for a study on nicotine addiction.

PharmaTher (PHRM) applied for an orphan drug designation for a ketamine treatment for a rare seizure condition called Status Epilepticus. If approved, the designation would give the company potential tax credits, grant eligibility, and exclusive marketing rights.

Pasithea Therapeutics (KTTA) began offering an esketamine nasal spray at its UK clinics. It’s one of just three clinics in the UK that have been approved to provide the treatment.

MYND Life Sciences (MYND) began research on its biomarker test that aids in diagnosing multiple sclerosis. There are currently no physical indicators or lab tests that can diagnose the condition.

Researchers are turning to fungi to treat covid!

In an upcoming clinical trial, agarikon and turkey tail mushrooms will be given to covid-positive patients with mild symptoms. Researchers hope that the mushrooms’ antiviral and immune-boosting properties will prevent symptoms from worsening.

In a separate trial, the same blend of mushrooms will be given to subjects while getting vaccinated to see if it can boost antibody levels.

Industry Quick Hits

Nov 22 – Emyria Ltd (EMD) receives $5 million from one of Australia’s largest private investment groups Read more…

Nov 23 – Cybin (CYBN) Awards Grant for Psychedelic Treatment Clinic at Lenox Hill Hospital to Benefit Underserved Communities Read more…

Nov 23 – COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) granted fifth US patent for crystalline psilocybin Read more…

Nov 24 – Seelos Therapeutics (SEEL) Acquires Exclusive License of iX Biopharma’s Proprietary Wafer-Based Ketamine Delivery Platform Read more…

Nov 24 – NeonMind (NEON) Announces Successful Completion Of Pre-IND Consultation With FDA On Clinical Path For Obesity Drug Candidate NEO-001  Read more…

Nov 26 – Numinus (NUMI) Receives Conditional Approval to Graduate to the Toronto Stock Exchange Read more…

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