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🍄 How psychedelics change your social life

🍄 Is LSD the new Adderall?

🍄 Microdosing patch for autism

🍄 Changes to who can access psilocybin therapy in Canada

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A special episode : Our host Brett recounts a recent psilocybin therapy session with his guide Adrian as the guest.

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In this very special episode, our host Brett, recounts his first hand experience of a recent psilocybin assisted psychotherapy session. His guest Adrian ,was his guide through the whole process !

Adrian Oberg started the organization VAPS ( Victoria Association of Psychedelic Study ) He has a background working in harm reduction and has been guiding people through psychedelic therapy sessions for the last 5 years.

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Is LSD the new Adderall?

MindMed (MNMD) is collaborating with universities in Switzerland and the Netherlands to study the effects of microdosing LSD on adults with ADHD. Patients will be assessed on symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity after microdosing twice a week for six weeks. 

“The study builds on the growing evidence demonstrating LSD has the potential to improve mood and selective cognitive processes,” says the company’s new CEO, Robert Barrow, who was appointed this week.

A better solution for cancer patients

Antidepressants are often ineffective and can even interfere with cancer treatment drugs.

“Psychedelics are proving to not conflict with the cancer drug and are more effective than normal antidepressants generally,” according Frank Lane, director of Albert Labs. 

That’s why the BC-based company wants to bring a psilocybin treatment for cancer patients to European markets.

Albert Labs is expected to begin trading on the CSE early next year under the ticker ’ABRT’.

New microdosing patch for autistic patients

Nova Mentis (NOVA) and Mycrodose Therapeutics successfully created a transdermal patch that delivers Nova’s psilocybin formulation through the skin. The companies aim to use the patch to administer microdoses to autistic patients to treat cognitive impairments.

This method could be administered at home to reduce medical costs for families and save time for overworked medical professionals.

The findings from COMPASS’s depression study keep coming!

COMPASS Pathways’ (CMPS) announced that patients taking SSRI antidepressants in conjunction with psilocybin therapy had similar outcomes and fewer side effects compared to those who withdrew from SSRIs before the study.

Five patients who withdrew from SSRIs had serious adverse effects, such as suicidal ideation, when given the largest dose. None of the patients on SSRIs had this experience. 

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How psychedelics change your social life

Researchers developed a personality model to test how psychedelics affect the qualities that help us build and maintain healthy relationships.

They discovered that after taking psychedelics, users were less critical in their interactions with others, less anxious, and less likely to get upset easily. They also reported greater feelings of social connectedness.

Advancing careers in psychedelics

atai Life Science’s (ATAI) philantropic program created its first initiative – the atai Fellowship Fund in Psychedelic Neuroscience. The $2M fund will support recent graduate students in furthering their careers in the psychedelics sector.

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Doseology Sciences Inc. (MOOD), a functional mushroom company, is preparing to expand into the psilocybin market with a recent application for a controlled substance Dealer’s License and a new addition to its research team. The company aims to develop and sell novel strains of psychedelic mushrooms once granted the license. 

atai Life Sciences (ATAI) and COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) were added to the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI), an index fund of biotech and pharmaceutical companies with a market cap of at least $200M and an average daily trading volume of at least 100,000 shares.

MINDCURE’s (MCUR) digital therapeutics platform was certified as HIPAA compliant, meaning that it effectively protects sensitive patient data. The certification gets the company one step closer to commercially deploying the platform in Q2 of 2022.

COMPASS Pathways’ (CMPS) patent for crystalline psilocybin is being challenged by the non-profit Freedom to Operate. After conducting advanced analysis, the organization is confident that the formulation isn’t novel and has been known for decades. 

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You no longer have to be on your deathbed to eat mushrooms!

Up until this week, the only people in Canada that could legally access psilocybin therapy were patients with terminal illnesses. 

Things changed on Monday, when the non-profit organization TheraPsil helped three Canadians with mental health issues get Section 56 exemptions, granting them access to psilocybin therapy.

“This is a very clear indication that exemptions are now available for people who have anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic pain,” says TheraPsil’s CEO. “It opens it up to everyone.”

New York could be the next state to legalize psilocybin therapy

New York assemblyman Pat Burke (D) filed a bill that would legalize psilocybin therapy and create a $2M grant program to ensure veterans and first responders can access the treatment.

If passed, therapists would be able to certify patients for psilocybin therapy after completing a two-hour training course through the Department of Health.

Australia refuses to reschedule psychedelics

In some un-inspirational news, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration rejected an application to reschedule MDMA and psilocybin for therapeutic research, noting that the drugs pose acute and long-term risks if used outside a clinical setting 🙄

Mushrooms go high fashion

According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index, leather causes more environmental damage than any other fabric. Mushrooms are now being used as a sustainable alternative!

In a matter of weeks, mushroom mycelium can be grown into a material that looks and feels just like leather. It’s actually stronger and more durable than real leather 🤯

Even high fashion brands like Hermès are using the material!

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