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Did you know that many popular Christmas traditions likely originated from psychedelic mushroom rituals? Be sure to check out the Video of the Week to learn more!  

If you need something to discuss over Christmas dinner, keep reading to learn how psychedelics allegedly ended the Cold War 😮 

Here’s what’s in store for you in today’s issue:

🍄 Why psychedelics could be the key to world peace 🔑

🍄 The common flower that can make you trip?!

🍄 Fixing brain damage at home

🍄 Another city decriminalizes psychedelics 🎉

🍄 And more.

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A special episode : Our host Brett recounts a recent psilocybin therapy session with his guide Adrian as the guest.

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In this very special episode, our host Brett, recounts his first hand experience of a recent psilocybin assisted psychotherapy session. His guest Adrian ,was his guide through the whole process !

Adrian Oberg started the organization VAPS ( Victoria Association of Psychedelic Study ) He has a background working in harm reduction and has been guiding people through psychedelic therapy sessions for the last 5 years.

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Fixing brain damage at home

Evidence suggests that microdosing improves cognitive function and memory. This kit could take the benefits up a notch.👇🏽

Ixtlan Bioscience, a private Israeli company, filed a US patent for a microdosing kit that can be used at home to treat Alzheimer’s, brain damage, and neuronal disorders.

The kit includes:

  • Psilocybin capsules
  • Games and exercises to enhance the benefits of microdosing
  • A web application that patients can use to track their progress.

Who knows, maybe this time next year, it’ll be the trending gift to put under the tree. 🎄

Take this test before your first ayahuasca retreat

HaluGen Life Sciences expanded its psychedelic DNA test – it can now assess how your body metabolizes LSD, MDMA and ayahuasca. 

The kit tests for a CYP2D6 gene mutation, which can cause metabolism of the drugs to take up to twice as long. This could lead to longer, more intense trips and adverse reactions. 

Thankfully, the mutation is only present in 5-10% of people!

The findings from COMPASS’s depression study keep coming!

COMPASS Pathways’ (CMPS) announced that patients taking SSRI antidepressants in conjunction with psilocybin therapy had similar outcomes and fewer side effects compared to those who withdrew from SSRIs before the study.

Five patients who withdrew from SSRIs had serious adverse effects, such as suicidal ideation, when given the largest dose. None of the patients on SSRIs had this experience. 

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Why psychedelics could be the key to world peace

This scientist claims she helped end the Cold War with MDMA.

Carol Rosin—a space and missile defense consultant for the US—said she gave MDMA to Soviet scientists and military personnel prior to nuclear negotiations in 1985 (before the drug was illegal).

The plan was created with help from Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS. 

“The thought was that if they can work through their fears and traumas and feel their connection to humanity, then that might be helpful,” Doblin explains.

While some are skeptical if this actually happened, MDMA releases oxytocin (aka the hormone of love and empathy), which could certainly help the opposing sides see eye to eye!  

Most addiction specialists see promise in psychedelic treatments!

A recent survey revealed how psychedelic therapy is viewed by medical professionals in the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.

Of the 145 respondents:

  • 64% believe that psychedelics show promise in treating substance use disorders
  • 82% agree that the drugs show promise in treating psychiatric disorders like depression
  • 75% were in favour of legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic uses

Interest is growing among patients too – the vast majority of specialist said they had discussed psychedelic experiences with at least one patient.

Nature’s acid ✿

This common flower can make you trip?! 

The seeds of Morning Glory flowers contain a hallucinogenic compound that’s similar to LSD. It’s said to induce a dreamlike state and was even used in Mayan rituals to communicate with spirits.

(However, it can also cause nausea, vomiting, and cramping, so do with that information what you will 😉)

Research on the plant is gaining traction, so we may see it in clinical trials in the near future.

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Pasithea Therapeutics (KTTA) opened its second ketamine clinic in London to treat PTSD and treatment-resistant depression.

Maya Health raised $4.3M to decentralize psychedelic research. The company is developing a blockchain-based platform that allows the psychedelic community to collaborate, share best practices, and gather real-world data to accelerate pre-clinical research.

HAVN Life (HAVN) entered into an agreement to acquire Spore Life Sciences, a subscription-based functional mushroom company with current sales exceeding $1M per month.

Novamind (NM) is planning to acquire two Arizona-based ketamine clinics from Foundations for Change. The founder of Foundations for Change, who specializes in treating veterans and first responders, will be the Medical Director of both clinics. 

Cybin (CYBN) and Tryp Therapeutics (TRYP) announced end-of-year business highlights.

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Here’s what you missed in the legal world:

  • Port Townsend became the second city in Washington to decriminalize psychedelics after a unanimous council vote! Read more…
  • Activists in Colorado submitted an initiative for statewide decriminalization of psychedelics, which will likely appear on the 2022 ballot. Read more…
  • The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) changed its guidelines to allow the use of “real-world data” collected from the healthcare system to aid in regulatory approval of new medicines. This will expedite clinical trials and get treatments to patients sooner! Read more…
  • The FDA put a clinical hold on MindMed’s study on LSD for anxiety. The reason for doing so is unclear, but more details are expected within 30 days. Read more…

Turning oil into soil

Millions of liters of oil are spilled into the ocean every year. Mushrooms (once again) come to the rescue!

Mats made of human hair have been used to effectively clean up oil spills – they soak up over 15 times their weight in oil.

Oyster mushrooms thrive in oily environments and can easily be grown on the mats. In just 12 weeks, they can transform the black gunk into nontoxic soil!

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