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We loved connecting with you all at the Daily Mushroom + Entheon Biomedical Mental Health Town Hall last night 😍 If you couldn’t make it, no worries, we got you. Check out the recording below.

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🍄 A cure for the most annoying Covid symptom?

🍄 Reducing suicidality for 6 months

🍄 Microdosing for withdrawals

🍄 How to prevent bad trips

🍄 And more.

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Mental Health Townhall

On this very special episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we were lucky enough to be joined by some pretty amazing guests. We had Andy Greenshaw, David Mayoh, Timmothy Ko, Valorie Masuda, Marsha Bennett, and of course our host Brett Higson. We asked our readers to submit questions they had about psychedelics for our knowledgeable board to answer and they did not disappoint! This episode is full of all kinds of insight into the expanding world of psychedelic therapy and what the future may hold.

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Swimming in acid 🐠

New research suggests that microdosing doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms. But can it ease withdrawals from other substances?

MacEwan University researchers found that zebrafish showed increased anxiety behaviour during withdrawal from alcohol, consistent with symptoms that humans experience.  

However, when the zebrafish were given microdoses of LSD for 10 days (by putting them in a “dosing tank” for a precise period of time), there were no observed behavioural changes. This indicates that microdosing is not addictive and does not cause withdrawal symptoms. 

A study that’s currently underway will examine LSD microdoses on alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Did you know we share 70% of our genes with zebrafish? Plus, they are extremely social, making them ideal for behavioural studies. 

Treating rare disorders with ketamine

PharmaTher (PHRM) is developing a treatment for a rare, seizure-inducing disorder called Status Epilepticus using ketamine. This week, it was granted a designation that will save them millions of dollars in the process. 

It’s called an Orphan Drug Designation and it gives the company potential tax credits, grant eligibility, and marketing exclusivity, and waives a $2.4M New Drug Application fee. It’s designed to incentivize R&D of treatments for rare conditions.

PharmaTher previously received the designation for ketamine to treat ALS and complex regional pain syndrome too!

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A cure for the most annoying Covid symptom?

Even months or years after recovering from Covid, many people have no sense of taste or smell – or worse, everything tastes and smells disgusting. 

People are rushing to Reddit and Twitter to share that they’ve finally found a cure: shrooms!

Some report that their senses returned to normal after one dose while others say they were restored gradually over a handful of trips.

Here’s one Reddit user’s experience: “I was shocked and elated.. ran around to find a candle, picked it up, lavender! Began to cry. Began smelling everything in sight. You don’t realize how beautiful it is to smell things, until you can’t smell for almost a year.”

Reducing suicidality for 6 months

A meta-analysis of 7 clinical trials (5 psilocybin + 2 ayahuasca) found that psychedelic therapy significantly reduced suicidality in as little as 80 minutes.

The significant reductions were sustained for 3-4 months, and patients still had a moderate reduction in suicidality after 6 months.

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Entheon Biomedical (ENBI) received approval for a phase I DMT trial and will begin screening patients this month. The trial, which will be conducted in the Netherlands, will gather essential safety and dosing data needed for a phase II study on DMT for nicotine addiction.

Awakn Life Sciences (AWKNF) received a buy rating and a $10 price target from H.C. Wainwright – that’s a 530% increase from its current share price of $1.58 🤑

Lexston Life Sciences (LEXT) received a Section 56 exemption to research psilocybin. It is developing a tool that can rapidly identify and quantify different mushroom compounds such as psilocin, psilocybin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin and aeruginascin.

Tryp Therapeutics (TRYP) announced Q1 financial results including $2.1M in cash and a $3.0M loss for the three months ended November 30, 2021. The company also secured a $2M private placement this week. 

An individual in Oregon was issued a patent for a vape pen for “ayahuasca-like substances” including DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and 2CB. The decision is receiving backlash from many who claim that the technology is not novel and has been around for years.

How to prevent bad trips

Tripping can be scary. You never really know how hard a dose will hit you or how long the effects will last — especially if it’s your first time.

What if there was a way to get some insight? Well, there is – HaluGen’s Psychedelic Genetic Test.

With a simple cheek swab, the test tells you:

  • How sensitive you are to classical psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, and DMT
  • How quickly your body metabolizes MDMA, LSD, ayahuasca, and ketamine
  • If your genetics put you at risk of developing psychosis, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia
  • If you’re prone to adverse reactions from SSRIs

Use the results to find the dose that’s right for you so you can have the best experience possible!


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The good

  • Oregon legislators filed a bill to form a 15-member task force to ensure that access to legal psilocybin services is equitable for all. It will focus on removing barriers for minorities and people with low income. Read more…
  • A second ballot initiative has been filed in Colorado to decriminalize the possession, cultivation, and gifting of psilocybin, psilocyn, ibogaine, mescaline and DMT. The first measure would create legal psilocybin healing centers. Read more…
  • A ballot measure was filed in Michigan to legalize possession, cultivation, and sharing of a range of psychedelics and implement a system for therapeutic and spiritual use. Read more…

The bad

  • A measure that would have decriminalized therapeutic psilocybin in Virginia was defeated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill’s sponsor plans to bring the bill back next year. Read more…
  • Washington’s initiative to legalize guided psilocybin sessions will not pass, according to the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jesse Salomon. He explains that there are concerns of facilities losing federal revenue for offering the services, and that the Department of Health is too busy with Covid to implement new regulatory framework. Read more…
  • A lawsuit filed by a physician and his cancer patients against the DEA for denying access to psilocybin therapy was rejected by the Court of Appeals. Read more…

And the ugly

  • Health Canada denied dozens of healthcare practitioners access to psilocybin therapy training by rejecting their section 56 exemption applications. Now, clinical trials will likely be the only way to get experience with the psychedelic. TheraPsil, the non-profit that helped with the applications, says that this will impact over one thousand practitioners on their waitlist for psilocybin training and several thousand patients seeking care 💔 Read more…

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