Does neuroplasticity benefit healthy people too?

Understanding Neuroplasticity Induced by TrYptamines (UNITY)

Psychedelics clearly have a huge impact on people with mental health issues, but how do they impact people who are already mentally healthy? A new research project at University College London will give us more insights!

After two years of planning, the university is launching the “Understanding Neuroplasticity Induced by Tryptamines” or UNITy Project.

UNITy Project aims to understand how tryptamines (psychedelics that bind to serotonin receptors, such as psilocybin) impact the naturally functioning brain. Researchers will use fMRI scans, eye-tracking, and experience sampling to understand the neurobiological factors that influence cognition and mental health.

The first study will evaluate how DMT affects language processing, sensory processing, and memory, and if neuroplasticity drives the results.