E. coli + shroom moonshine anyone?

“Homebrew” Psilocybin Created By Scientists Using “Widely Available” Materials

A new, inexpensive production method using tin foil and an aquarium could quickly produce massive amounts of psilocybin for clinical use.

A recent study suggests that it’s possible to produce a potent “psilocybin moonshine” using a simple homebrew method that doesn’t involve growing mushrooms or sterilization.

Researchers inserted magic mushroom genes into E. coli bacteria, which was then added to bottles, submerged in a water tank that was aerated with an aquarium pump, and covered with aluminum foil to maintain a temperature of 37 °C.

In less than two days, 300 mg of psilocybin were produced per liter of water. The method even worked without sterilization, but produced only 100 mg/L, yet this deficit was counteracted by adding a form of penicillin.

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