Issue 55 / Wednesday June 8, 2022


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🍄Continuing the work of the Godfather of Psychedelics

🍄 What happens when you microdose at a concert

🍄 The 2 ingredients that could enhance your microdoses

🍄 And more.

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Continuing the work of the Godfather of Psychedelics

We’ll soon have a better understanding of the psychedelics that Alexander Shulgin has known and loved.

Dr. Alexander Shulgin became the so-called “Godfather of Psychedelics” after discovering countless new drugs and introducing MDMA to psychologists.

He and his wife Ann are famous for writing “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story” and “TiHKAL: The Continuation” in the 90s (Phenethylamines and Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved, respectively).

The books outline his personal accounts of over 230 psychoactive compounds, many of which have gotten little attention from other researchers — until now.

CaaMTech Inc. is partnering with the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute to continue Dr. Shulgin’s legacy.

The organizations will conduct structural and chemical analyses of previously unreported compounds that Shulgin created.

Who knows how much therapeutic value the new drugs could have! 🤯


Join a psychedelic sisterhood 💗

Connect with other pro-psychedelic women at this unique event!

Sisters In Psychedelics (SIP) is a grassroots community and platform birthed in Vancouver, BC that empowers people to elevate the divine feminine and other underrepresented voices in the evolution of the psychedelic ecosystem.

They offer in-person and virtual events for female-identifying people, like sharing circles for BIPOCA folks, moms and psychedelic professionals, workshops, integration circles and more. 

On September 10th, the inaugural SIP Summit is launching at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with an epic, not-to-be-missed after party planned at a private residence😉 

Featuring an all-female line up of speakers, the keynote will be delivered by Dr. Pam Kryskow, with other speakers covering topic like:

  • executive leadership in public psychedelic companies
  • modern medicine women
  • transformation stories,
  • trauma, sex & money and more!  

Check out the summit agenda and speakers here.

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These 2 ingredients may enhance your microdoses

Quantified Citizen, the organization that ran the world’s largest mobile microdosing study, is back at it again with more microdosing research.

The new study assessed 953 microdosers and 180 non-microdosers over one month.

To no surprise, microdosers showed greater improvements in mood and mental health than non-microdosers.

Interestingly, microdosers over the age of 55 experienced additional benefits when they combined or “stacked”  their psilocybin microdose with lion’s mane mushrooms and niacin (vitamin B3) – a blend made popular by Paul Stamets.

This group saw nearly a 40% increase in psychomotor performance – a greater improvement than those microdosing just psilocybin and lion’s mane or psilocybin alone.

Does this mean that the stack could help fight neurodegenerative disorders? More research with larger sample sizes needs to be conducted, as well as research on niacin alone, but it’s certainly possible 🤔

What happens when you microdose at a concert

Combining music, community, and microdosing could have lasting benefits on your mood!

At Red Light Holland’s psychedelic concert back in April, attendees microdosed psilocybin, listened to a live classical music performance for 3 hours, and joined a group integration session. 

Here’s what the participants thought of the experience:

  • 75% said enjoyed the music more than usual
  • 41.7% reported they felt connected to the group in a meaningful way
  • 33.3% reported lasting benefits beyond the event itself such as the release of negative emotions and beneficial insights into their personal or professional life
  • 0% reported significant negative effects
  • 91.7% said they would attend another microdosing concert

This September, Red Light is sponsoring another event that will combine music with psychedelics to promote the responsible use of psychedelics

The company will be the exclusive provider of psilocybin products at Psy-Fi — a 4-night psychedelic music and arts festival on the beaches of the Netherlands 🕺

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Numinus Wellness (NUMI) announced Q3 financial results including a $41.8M cash position and $741K in revenue, up 32% year-over-year. 

Mydecine Innovations (MYCO) successfully synthesized a family of compounds that have the same effects as MDMA, but last just 1-2 hours. The company filed a patent application covering the new formulations.

Small Pharma (DMT) announced Q1 financial results including a $5.8M net loss and $32M in cash.

Optimi Health (OPTI) strengthened its position as a leading psilocybin supplier, securing a deal with Bloom Psychedelic Therapy And Research Centre in Calgary.

Filament Health (FH) initiated the first ever study to directly administer natural psilocin. The company was also granted a patent for the extraction and standardization of natural psilocybin, marking it’s 6th patent to date.

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