How one dose of psilocybin healed decades of depression

‘They broke my mental shackles’: could magic mushrooms be the answer to depression?

A 56-year-old web developer named Michael was at one of the lowest points in his life after losing his mom to cancer and his friend to suicide. He had battled depression for over 30 years and was still in search of relief after trying several antidepressants and therapies.

He decided to participate in a psilocybin medical trial at Imperial College London, where he went on a five-hour psychedelic journey that turned his life around. The psilocybin-assisted therapy allowed him to relive childhood memories and confront his griefs.

“I became a different person,” Michael said. “I couldn’t wait to get dressed, get into the outside world, see people. I was supremely confident – more like I was when I was younger, before the depression started and got to its worst.”