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In this episode Thomas Hartle, the first Canadian to be given legal access to psilocybin therapy in Canada, shares his profound stories. 

The trendy parenting hack

Moms around the world are microdosing magic mushrooms to become better parents.

Natalie from Oakland, CA is one of many moms who’ve turned to microdoing to cope with postpartum depression. She was suffering so much that she was worried she’d harm her newborn, which made her suicidal.

Since microdosing 100mg of mushrooms daily for one month, she’s been able to go off antidepressants and ADHD medications. She says she feels more stable than ever and can now face motherhood with a sense of calm.

“Microdosing let me know who I really am…I’m able to parent myself and my daughter in a whole different way, because when I microdose, I know I’ve got this”, Natalie said in an interview with Insider.

Helping 92% of cancer patients

If cancer patients have the right to end their suffering through assisted suicide, shouldn’t they have the right to end their suffering through psilocybin therapy?

In a Johns Hopkins study, 92% of cancer patients saw significant reductions in depression and anxiety 5 weeks after a single high dose of psilocybin. After 6 months, 78% still had significant reductions in symptoms.

Many of the 51 participants described a sense of infinite love, peace, and oneness, and several were able to come to conquer their fear of death.

One participant, Anthony Head, said an extraordinary power touched him during the experience.

“It was so powerful and so profound that it just took my breath away… I feel like it changed my life.”

DEA supports psychedelic medicine?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is working to accelerate the development of federally-approved psychedelic medicines!

The agency proposed a huge increase in the production of psilocybin, psilocin, and marijuana with the goal of advancing research and drug development.

The proposed production quotas have increased to 1,500 g for psilocybin and 1,000 g for psilocin – up 2,900% and 1,900% respectively from the initial 50 g quotas.

The cure for writer’s block

Was Kacey Musgraves’ new album inspired by shrooms?

Two days before recording Star-crossed, Kacey went on a guided psilocybin journey that brought up a lot of feelings. She laid blindfolded and listened the Johns Hopkins psychedelic therapy playlist, which is curated by neuroscientists to trigger different emotions.

“Music has never sounded so good than it did when I was in that state,” she says. “You notice every nuance of every note. You react viscerally to it. And that served as a lot of the inspiration for the new record.”

She said that psilocybin helps people confront their demons, which “instantly makes them smaller”. After struggling through a recent divorce, the experience helped Musgraves find hope and gratitude for her other relationships in life.

Revolutionizing all of healthcare?

Psychedelic therapy clinics continue to pop up across North America.

Last week, a nonprofit organization called SoundMind Center officially opened in West Philadelphia, which will be dedicated to psychedelic research, treatment, and therapist training.

On Tuesday, another clinic called Innerbloom Healing Arts opened in Charleston, South Carolina. Both clinics currently offer ketamine-assisted therapy with plans to offer MDMA and psilocybin therapy as soon as possible.

“Psychedelics are not only going to revolutionize mental health. They have the ability to revolutionize all of healthcare. Changing the way we think about the relationship between mind and body. And health and disease”, said Dr. Hannah McLane, SoundMind’s founder.

The best way to take psilocybin?

A Hawaiian company called Ei.Ventures is partnering with Tioga Research to develop a new psilocybin delivery method.
The companies are developing a patch that delivers psilocybin through the skin using the same transdermal technology found in nicotine patches.

The patch allows for more stable delivery of psilocybin and could prevent nausea that often occurs with oral administration. The product is designed for high doses of psilocybin, but could potentially be used to deliver microdoses for mental clarity and mood stabilization too.

Sounds a bit nicer than the nasal sprays and injection devices that other companies are working on!

Experts predict major growth for this stock

Last week, the financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald initiated coverage of Cybin Inc. (CYBN).

The stock was just $2.25 per share when the firm gave Cybin a 12-month price target of $9  – a 300% margin.

The analysts believe that Cybin’s proprietary formulation for treating depression, which is in phase 2 clinical trials, has great potential for scalability. They explain that Cybin has enough capital to advance its other formulations for anxiety and alcohol use disorder through clinical trials as well.

The stock has already increased to $2.55 so don’t miss out!


Sharing is caring

In 2019, Denver became the first US city to decriminalize the possession of psilocybin.

Now, the same activists behind the campaign are on a mission to decriminalize the noncommercial gifting and communal use of psilocybin too.

The activists are also urging legislators to establish first-responder training on psychedelics harm reduction and promote public education on the responsible use of psilocybin.

“Colorado overall is among the worst states in the country in terms of adults experiencing mental health issues…Psilocybin mushrooms, clearly, have the potential to be a novel solution to these issues,” said Kevin Matthews, founder of Vote Nature.

Tackling Seattle’s opioid crisis

Will Seattle be the next city to decriminalize psychedelics?

On Tuesday, Overdose Emergency Innovative Recovery (OEIR) task force made five policy recommendations to address Seattle’s ongoing opioid crisis, as requested by the City Council, including a call for the widespread decriminalization of all drugs.

The task force said that decriminalization, or potentially legalization and regulation, would promote research opportunities, create a safe supply, reduce the stigma of substance use, and could bring in billions of dollars in revenue to the state.

The OEIR believes psychedelic therapy could be a solution to the opioid crisis, noting its effectiveness in treating substance abuse disorder. The group is advocating for municipalities to deprioritize the enforcement of psychedelics and encourages State and federal officials to broaden access to psychedelic therapy.


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Video of the Week

Life lessons from a gentle entity

This Reddit user found a new appreciation for life and nature after taking 3g of mushrooms at a cabin in the mountains.

“Walking back through the forest was super cool, like being in an oil painting. I remember being really enamored with how the trees looked in the sunset and thinking how smart plant life is and that it should be respected.

Once we got back to our cabin, the visuals got really intense and I got a strong feeling that something important was about to happen so I put on some music and sat in a comfortable position and closed my eyes. Once I did the most beautiful visuals ebbed and flowed and the music became a part of me. The visuals would change color based on the music and that went on for a bit before I started feeling a large powerful presence with me.

The entity felt gentle, but also strict. It kept saying to me “watch me, and understand. I am here to teach you”. I kept trying to think about my life and family, but I felt like I couldn’t. The entity kept guiding me by saying “none of that matters now, you’re here with me”. My reality was breaking apart, but it felt natural and inviting. Everything felt intensely connected to me, and me to everything else as well. It was as if the entity was showing me that it had full control of my mental state and was offering me a beautiful experience and not to underestimate it.

Once I started to come down, I realized I had connected to something way larger than myself. After that I talked to my husband for a while about it, and went for a walk, only to catch the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. It felt like I was really here for a reason and that the world was giving me a gift by letting me see something so beautiful and enjoy it with someone I love so much.”

Playlist of the Week

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