Detox with Indigenous wisdom

Universal Ibogaine and Osoyoos Indian Band sign MOU to battle opioid crisis

Universal Ibogaine (IBO) and Osoyoos Indian Band signed an agreement to develop a detox center that combines western science and Indigenous wisdom.

The center will use ibogaine treatments to ease opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms, followed by Indigenous healing practices as aftercare to “rebuild people in a holistic manner.”

Their flagship detox center will be in Manitoba, Canada with the goal of working with other First Nations to expand across the country, and then globally. 

Take a DMT trip without the anxiety

Cybin Announces Grant of U.S. Patent Covering its Proprietary Compound CYB004 (Deuterated DMT) for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

A wild DMT trip that blasts you off to a different dimension has potential to be therapeutic, but also very anxiety-inducing. 

That’s why Cybin (CYBN) developed a version of the molecule that breaks down slowly in the body. So instead of a 10-minute rocket ride to outer space, patients have a smoother, more pleasant experience with a larger therapeutic window. 

The company received a patent for the formulation this week and will study it as a treatment for anxiety disorders in Q3 of this year.

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A better way to measure depression

MYND Diagnostics Inc. Announces Participation in Approved Monash University (Australia) Government Funded $3 Million Clinical Trial

Diagnosing and measuring depression is usually very subjective, relying on data from patient questionnaires. This leaves room for bias and makes it difficult to know if a treatment is actually working.

MYND Diagnostics of MYND Life Sciences (MYND) developed a biomarker test that provides objective data to solve this problem. It measures inflammation in the brain, which may be what causes depression.

Seeing evidence of improvement gives patients hope in the treatment process, like showing them the “light at the end of the tunnel” as MYND’s CEO explained on a recent Daily Mushroom Podcast.  

The company announced that Monash University will use the biomarker test in a psilocybin study on treatment-resistant depression, which has received $3M in funding from the Australian government. 


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Psilocybin therapy bill rejected in Maine, sponsor confident it will pass in the future

Lawmakers say no to bill legalizing psilocybin-assisted therapy in Maine

Maine lawmakers rejected a bill that would legalize medical use of psilocybin after an 8-3 vote. The bill’s sponsor says she’s not surprised, however “society is changing, and the science is moving quickly, so it’s a matter of when, and not if, legislation like this passes in the future.”


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New rules for Oregon’s legal psilocybin program

Oregon proposes only using one type of mushroom for new psilocybin system, and no pills

The Oregon Health Authority released the first draft of rules for the state’s legal psilocybin program. Only one of 200 species of psilocybin mushrooms will be allowed (psilocybe cubensis, the most popular species) and synthetic psilocybin will be banned. Plus, facilitators will need 120 hours of instruction on psilocybin history, safety, racial justice, and cultural equity.

Oregon Public Broadcasting

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A dose every six months keeps the divorce lawyer away

Can MDMA Save a Marriage?

A couple was on the verge of getting divorced until they took MDMA together for the first time.

The wife, Ree, said her husband couldn’t open up to her or deal with conflict, but MDMA helped them see eye-to-eye.

“My husband started sharing with me for the first time all these thoughts and emotions,” Ree said. “It was him without the walls.”

They decided to take MDMA together twice a year and go over a list of issues they want to address. Three years later, their marriage is solid and they can communicate openly without the need for drugs.

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Optimi Health Dealer’s License Granted by Health Canada

Optimi Health Dealer’s License Granted by Health Canada

Optimi Health (OPTI) received a Dealer’s License from Health Canada and announced that it will begin cultivating, extracting, and processing “the highest-grade all-natural psilocybin in North America” at its facility in Princeton, British Columbia. The facility can secure up to 1,250kg of psilocybin, a value of roughly $53MM CDN.


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