A better way to measure depression

MYND Diagnostics Inc. Announces Participation in Approved Monash University (Australia) Government Funded $3 Million Clinical Trial

Diagnosing and measuring depression is usually very subjective, relying on data from patient questionnaires. This leaves room for bias and makes it difficult to know if a treatment is actually working.

MYND Diagnostics of MYND Life Sciences (MYND) developed a biomarker test that provides objective data to solve this problem. It measures inflammation in the brain, which may be what causes depression.

Seeing evidence of improvement gives patients hope in the treatment process, like showing them the “light at the end of the tunnel” as MYND’s CEO explained on a recent Daily Mushroom Podcast.  

The company announced that Monash University will use the biomarker test in a psilocybin study on treatment-resistant depression, which has received $3M in funding from the Australian government. 


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