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🍄 Using shrooms to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia

🍄 Experience psychedelics through VR 

🍄 Bob Marley’s family launches psychedelic mushroom brand

🍄 A clinical study on autism

🍄 And more.

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Are Psychedelics the future of autism treatment?

Nova Mentis Life Sciences Corp. (NOVA) received Canadian approval for a new study on autism, which will be the first step in bringing psilocybin treatment to autistic patients. Researchers will observe 200 patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or fragile x syndrome (FXS) to establish baseline biomarkers that can be used to measure psilocybin treatment responses in a later study. NOVA will monitor the gut microbiome, immune response, and serotonin activity in patients, as these factors influence behavioural symptoms.

Reversing Alzheimer’s 

You won’t want to forget about this company when choosing your investments. The research team at MYND Life Sciences Inc. (MYND) has been exploring new subclasses of psilocybin that have shown potential to delay or reverse Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The preclinical research has shown significant progress, and MYND aims to commence clinical trials to advance the research.

Largest study: Is psilocybin four times more effective than leading anti-depressants?

Move over Prozac, Compass Pathways (CMPS) just made major progress in psychedelic treatment of depression. The company completed the world’s largest psilocybin therapy trial for its proprietary psychedelic compound, COMP360, which targets treatment-resistant depression. So far, 216 patients have had psilocybin therapy sessions at Compass’s 22 trial sites across 10 countries, with 14 more patients completing sessions over the next two weeks. Researchers will follow-up with each patient 12 weeks after the sessions and will publish the findings by the end of this year. Other studies have found that psilocybin is 4 times more effective than typical antidepressants – let’s see what Compass’s new research reveals.

Get the psychedelic experience without actually tripping

Looking for a spiritual awakening but don’t want to commit to a five hour trip? Now you can trip with VR instead. Tripp, an LA-based wellness company, developed an immersive VR experience that combines relaxing meditation exercises with trippy visuals and audio. Users can relieve stress and practice mindfulness in just eight minute sessions. The company recently raised $11 million in funding for a total of $15 million in funding to date.

Enhance your trip with mindfulness meditation

Meditating while VR-tripping sounds relaxing, but the real deal might be even more powerful. New research from meditation experts suggests that mindfulness meditation can increase the positive effects of psilocybin. The University of Zurich recruited 40 meditation experts for a five-day meditation retreat where some were given psilocybin and others were given a placebo. Four months later, researchers found that the psilocybin group showed higher levels of optimism, openness, empathy, and self-acceptance, as well as “beneficial changes in psychosocial functioning.”

The king of marijuana moves into shrooms

Don’t worry about a thing – Bob Marley’s family is partnering with Silo Wellness (SILO) to launch the first global consumer brand of functional and psychedelic mushrooms, Marley One. The first round of products will be a line of functional mushroom tinctures for a variety of benefits such as immunity, sleep, cognitive function, and gut support. The psychedelic mushroom products will be introduced later this year, followed by functional mushroom gummies, capsules, and cosmetics. Cedella Marley hopes that “these products will empower people to experience oneness with nature and the universe at large – and ultimately, achieve greater self-actualization.”

Triple your investments in a year? 🤷‍♂️ 

If you want to triple your investment in a year, keep an eye on Mindset Pharma. Mindset currently trades at C$0.45 in Canada (MSET) and US$0.36 in the States (MSSTF), but Maxim Group predicts that the price could go reach US$1 in 12 months, giving the company a ‘buy’ rating. Maxim analysts note that Mindset’s psilocybin compound, MSP-1014, is cheaper to produce than psilocybin and has a relatively short path to market, while Mindset’s other “purpose-designed” compounds could potentially be “best-in-class in the longer term.”


California gets one step closer to legalizing psychedelics

If you’ve been following along with the Daily Mushroom newsletter, you know that earlier this month, the California Senate approved a bill that would decriminalize possession of psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms. Well, that bill (SB 5119) was just approved by The Assembly Public Safety Committee – one of three assembly committees needed to advance the legislation before reaching the governor’s desk.

Senator Scott Wiener, the bill’s sponsor, turned to Twitter to celebrate the win. “Another step toward ending the failed & racist War on Drugs & expanding access to mental health & addiction treatment.”

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