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🍄 Avoid antidepressants with a monthly trip

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You’ll want to stay till the end to hear how a decade of trauma was released overnight

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Could a psychedelic vaccine prevent depression?

While many psychedelics companies are developing treatments for depression, MYND Life Sciences hopes to prevent depression from developing in the first place.

MYND recently signed a licensing agreement with Eyam, a private vaccine developer, to create a vaccine that would prevent neurological disorders including depression. The underlying theory is that depression is essentially neuro-inflammation, and psychedelics may have an anti-inflammatory effect that could prevent the neuro-inflammatory process.

The safest recreational drug becomes even safer

Magic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug according to a recent study, but Mindset Pharma (MSET) is working to make them even safer.

The company found that its patent-pending psychedelic compound, MSP-1014, may be more effective, safer, and more scalable than psilocybin. Researchers discovered that MSP-1014 more than doubled the head twitch responses in mice, an indicator of serotonin 5-HT2A receptor activity, which is tied to psychedelic experiences. MSP-1014 did not cause body temperature to drop, which was seen with psilocybin.

Avoid daily antidepressants with a monthly trip

It’s clear that psychedelics are helpful in treating depression, but have you ever wondered why they work so well?

When someone suffers from depression or chronic stress, they typically have a reduction in neural connections, but psychedelics might be able to reverse this. A study at Yale just revealed that one dose of psilocybin can increase these neuronal connections by 10%. The dose also increased the density of dendritic spines (those little spikey things on nerve cells), making the connections stronger. About a third of the new connections remained intact after 34 days.

Losing weight with shrooms?

Psychedelic drug users might be healthier than non-users, according to a recent study.

A survey of over 170,000 people showed that those who have used psychedelic drugs (14% of respondents) reported better overall health and were significantly less likely to be overweight or obese compared to non-users. The University of Oxford researchers suggest that transcendent psychedelic experiences might result in “long-term changes in health behavior that contribute to better physical health.”

If you missed the cannaBUS, jump on the psilocybin train

Now is the time to buy these 10 psychedelic stocks.

When the cannabis company GW Pharmaceuticals sold for billions earlier this year, those who didn’t invest were left with major regret. If you missed out on cannabis, now is your chance to be an early investor in the shroom boom as psychedelic companies begin to follow a similar pathway. These 10 companies are worth the buy according to Maxim Group’s latest analysis.


Harvard explores psychedelics law with new initiative

Harvard Law School hopes to bring safety, innovation, and equity to the psychedelics industry with a three-year initiative called the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation (POPLAR).

POPLAR will study regulations surrounding ethics, intellectual property, opportunities for federal support, and equitable access to psychedelic therapy.

“By analyzing social, legal, and political barriers to access in this context, we hope to advance the understanding of [psychdelics] potential impact as therapeutics,” said one Harvard professor.

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Video of the Week

Psilocybin relieves veteran from a decade of trauma

Juliana Mercer, a former U.S. Marine felt like she was “drowning in suppressed grief” after witnessing tragedies in Iraq and Afghanistan and losing fellow veterans to suicide. She says that a single session of psilocybin allowed her to release all the accumulated grief overnight. “I accidentally found relief and a glimpse of my authentic joyful self through the recreational use of psychedelics.” Now she urges California legislators to vote yes on the SB 519 bill that would decriminalize psychedelics.

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