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🍄 Will shrooms replace opioids?

🍄 Up for a trippy vacay?

🍄 Shrooms help with weight loss?

🍄 Another $35 mil invested in psilocybin companies!

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You’ll want to stay till the end to hear how a man gave a goddess an interdimensional hug!

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One dose of psilocybin heals decades of depression

“I became a different person”

A 56-year-old web developer named Michael was at one of the lowest points in his life after losing his mom to cancer and his friend to suicide. He had battled depression for over 30 years and was still in search of relief after trying several antidepressants and therapies.

He chose to participate in a psilocybin medical trial at Imperial College London, where he went on a five-hour psychedelic journey that turned his life around. The psilocybin-assisted therapy allowed him to relive childhood memories and confront his griefs.

“I became a different person,” Michael said. “I couldn’t wait to get dressed, get into the outside world, see people. I was supremely confident – like I was when I was younger, before the depression started.”

Will shrooms replace opioids?

Current treatments for fibromyalgia are often ineffective, with less than 10% of patients adhering to treatment for more than a year and 30% resorting to opioids to relieve pain.

Tryp Therapeutics (TRYP), a BC psychedelics company, is working to change this with psilocybin medicine.

This Wednesday, Tryp announced that it will be conducting a Phase 2a clinical trial to evaluate its oral formulation of synthetic psilocybin, TRYP-8802, in treating fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder that affects up to 8% of the population.

The trial will take place at the University of Michigan’s Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center and will be the world’s first trial of its kind. TRYP-8802 also shows potential to treat eating disorders, phantom limb pain, and complex regional pain syndrome by increasing neuroplasticity.

Save your relationship with a trippy vacay

It’s time to book a flight to Jamaica!

MycoMeditations launched a new psilocybin retreat called the Companion Retreat for guests to bond with their partner, friend, sibling, or parent on a new level. During the week-long retreat, guests participate in 3 magic mushroom trips at a beachfront villa in Jamaica, where shrooms have never been illegal. The experience includes preparation and integration sessions to get the most out of each trip, as well as support from staff members as needed.

The new mushroom diet?

Experts think magic mushrooms could be the key to creating healthier habits.

This week, NeonMind completed an integrated drug development plan for NEO-001, its high dose psilocybin treatment for weight management, which is expected to be researched in a Phase 1/2 proof-of-concept study in early 2022. NeonMind explains that using psilocybin to enhance psychotherapy may be able to instill long lasting behaviour changes such as improved diet and increased exercise.

A psychedelics company’s new meditation device that could save the planet

Red Light Holland (TRIP) filed a patent for a new (very strange) device that might inspire the psychedelic community to be more eco-friendly.

The devices, called Wisdom Truffles, are smart lights that provide real-time data on CO2 emissions from local electricity grids, plus suggestions for reducing emissions. Oh, and they can help you meditate too.

Check out the devices here.

A new psychedelics fund launches in the US

Another $35 million was just invested into US psychedelics companies.

Palo Santo, a US venture capital investment fund, invested $35 million into psychedelic research, exceeding its $30 million goal. The portfolio consists of 20 early-stage psychedelic companies with high growth potential including Atai Life Sciences, Reset Pharma, Field Trip Health, Tactogen, Eleusis, Bexson Biomedical, and more. Palo Santo’s team of investors will actively support each company in the portfolio by connecting founders, advisers, and industry leaders through their vast network in the healthcare space.

Accelerating psychedelic research in Canada

A new partnership may accelerate psychedelic research across the country to tackle the mental health crisis.

A psychedelic research organization, Knowde Group Inc., entered into a strategic partnership with Canada’s largest network of outpatient clinical research sites, LMC Manna Research. LMC Manna has 23 research sites across 3 provinces and has participated in 2,000+ clinical trials over 25 years. The collaboration will give Knowde Group access to a diverse database of over 1 million patients and strategic advisory for conducting Phase 1-4 clinical trials in psychedelic and cannabis medicines.


A new approach to legalization in California

An activist group called Decriminalize California is working to speed up the legalization of magic mushrooms.

The group submitted a new initiative called the California Psilocybin Initiative, which would legalize the possession, cultivation, retail sale, and social sharing of psilocybin mushrooms for adults 21 and over. If the Office of the Attorney General accepts the measure, the group would have 180 days to collect 623,212 signatures from registered voters for the initiative to be added to the 2022 ballot. While California’s SB519 bill would decriminalize several psychedelic drugs, this initiative takes a new approach by focusing solely on psilocybin.

Industry Quick Hits

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Video of the Week

Giving a goddess entity an interdimensional hug!

We know it’s long but it’s worth the read 🙂

I made tea with 1.5 powdered shrooms. The whole experience is really hard to put into words but it’s by far the most powerful spiritual experience I have had. The whole thing really lasted for an hour and half. I am still coming down as I write this.

Music was playing and I closed my eyes. I could see shifting patterns/faces and I felt a negative energy so this was a bit concerning. Shortly after I essentially met a higher being or (god) and she was the archetypal all loving all knowing mother. I felt extreme amounts of unconditional love with her presence. She made all the negative energy disappear. I felt tiny compared to her and felt like I wasn’t supposed to be in this ‘realm’. I kept wanting her attention so she ‘picked’ me up and gave me an interdimensional hug made out of unconditional love and pure bliss.

I could feel this energy through my entire body. She put me back down and left to do other things.

There were other beings there too but not as powerful as her. I started to ask them about my trauma/people who hurt me in the past etc and they showed me to unconditionally love them because they are only human and we are not perfect. I felt like they loved me but at the same time felt like they knew the limitations of being a human and the negatives that it carries. For some moment I felt like they were operating on my brain in hyperspace and taking out each negative trauma that I was dealing with. After that they told me that I should return and I wasn’t supposed to be there too much.

Forgot to mention that this motherly entity kind of tried to show me her wisdom by merging me with her for a split second but It was too much for my brain to handle. I felt like the entire big bang happened in the fraction of a second and I left her.

I also thought about my ex and they showed me to love her unconditionally and the mistakes we all make are a result of the human experience.

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