Largest psychedelic neuroimaging study to date

UNITy: World’s first study of how DMT-induced brain changes predict improved wellbeing

University College London is raising funds for the world’s largest brain imaging study on psychedelics, aka Project UNITy.

In the first phase of the study, 150 people will receive three brain scans: one while watching a movie, one while dosed with DMT or a placebo, and another while watching a movie post-DMT trip or placebo.

Then, researchers will use an app to track participants’ changes in wellbeing for one year. 

The study will reveal which specific brain networks are altered on DMT (such as those related to vision, memory, or language), as well as which networks are linked to positive changes in wellbeing.

If successful, a second phase of the study will be conducted to see if DMT can reduce alcohol consumption and “reactivate” memory networks in hazardous drinkers.

Those who make a contribution to the study can receive goodies like trippy artwork, event tickets, and even a dinner with the scientists.

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