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Delic to Acquire Ketamine Wellness Centers Inc, Becoming Largest Psychedelic Wellness Chain in United States

Will psychedelic therapy soon involve vaping shrooms?

Delic Holdings Corp. (DELC) is the first company to receive Health Canada approval to research psilocybin vaporization.

On Monday, Delic entered into an agreement to acquire Ketamine Wellness Clinics, a company that runs 10 ketamine infusion centers across 8 states. The deal increases Delic’s total number of clinics to 12 and adds over 60 medical professionals to the team, making it the largest psychedelic wellness chain in the US. Within the next 18 months, the company hopes to grow this number to 27 clinics!

Once granted FDA-approval, DELIC aims to offer other psychedelic treatments at these locations including MDMA and psilocybin therapy, which could potentially use the vaporization technology!

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