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Levitee Labs is establishing itself as a leader in the integrative wellness space. Through leveraging an M&A regimen that focuses on the centralization of complementary integrative wellness assets, Levitee Labs aims to transform mental health and addiction treatments through the integration of psychedelic medicines and therapies into a medical home care model. The company’s current portfolio of assets includes: Levitee Clinics and Levitee Pharmacies, which includes a group of five operating addiction and pain treatment clinics in Alberta, Canada; Block MD, the first technology company in Alberta, Canada to receive provincial approval for electronic-prescriptions in the addiction treatment space; three pharmacies operating in Alberta, Canada specialized in filling prescriptions for patients with substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and chronic pain; MONKE Nutraceuticals, a company specialized in developing and distributing premium functional mushroom supplements sold via online portals; and Earth Circle Organics, a direct-to-consumer and wholesaler of supplements and superfood products with 180+ SKUs in its product lineup across three brands. Further information about Levitee Labs is available on its website at leviteelabs.com.

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