MAPS under fire for alleged investigator misconduct

MDMA trials under review in Canada over alleged abuse of study participants

Health Canada is reviewing all previously approved MDMA trial applications after a former trial participant came forward with sexual assault allegations.

Footage from MAPS’ PTSD trial in 2015 shows patient Meaghan Buisson being physically restrained and spooned by two therapists (one of them unlicensed) during an MDMA therapy session.

The session was recorded to ensure that therapists were following treatment protocols, but the footage wasn’t actually reviewed for 6 years. MAPS is finally looking into recordings from all past patients.

“I just want people to realize, this is not against MDMA. This is not against psychedelics,” Meaghan ensures.

“I’m just saying that if this drug is going to be legalized and medicalized in this way, then there is a certain degree of safety and fiduciary responsibility and credibility that goes into being part of the medical system — and especially with vulnerable subjects.”

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