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🍄 How to avoid adverse reactions to psychedelics

🍄 LSD found to reduce anxiety for 4 months

🍄 How ketamine affects the brain over time

🍄 A study to understand neurodiversity

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Science-backed psychedelic experiences

Leveraging over 20 years of psychedelic research, Beckley Foundation is launching a psilocybin-focused holistic wellbeing company called Beckley Retreats.

Starting this September, Beckley Retreats will offer a self-development program that includes:

  • 4 weeks of virtual preparation
  • A 5-day retreat in Jamaica with 2 psilocybin ceremonies and tons of holistic healing practices
  • 6 weeks of virtual integration to encourage new habits and thought patterns

Led by certified psychotherapists and doctors, the retreat combines Indigenous wisdom with modern science to create an unparalleled experience.

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

Equity initiatives for PTSD treatment

MAPS announced that its Phase 3 MDMA trial for PTSD is now fully enrolled at 13 sites across the United States and Israel.

The organization took equity initiatives to ensure that BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals are represented in the study, as these individuals are more likely to have PTSD (yet less likely to be diagnosed or have reasonable access to treatment).

How to avoid adverse reactions to psychedelics

A survey of over 9,200 psilocybin mushroom users found that only 0.2% have sought emergency medical treatment following use.

The most common reported reasons for these adverse experiences were:

  • Mixing substances
  • Poor mindset
  • Poor setting

Additionally, those in the emergency care-seeking group were significantly younger than the group that didn’t seek care, with a median age of 19 compared to 23.

Keep this in mind if you’re considering trying psilocybin!

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LSD can reduce anxiety for 4 months

MindMed’s collaborators at University Hospital Basel studied the effect of two high doses of LSD (200μg) on patients with anxiety disorders.

They found that 65% of subjects had significant reductions in anxiety scores for 16 weeks after the treatments.

Like many other studies have found, mystical experiences were significantly correlated with long-term therapeutic benefits.


Understanding neurodiversity

COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) is funding a psilocybin study to better understand the brain science of neurodiversity.

Using brain imaging and behavioural tasks, researchers will investigate how psilocybin affects the serotonin brain networks in autistic adults compared to non-autistic adults. 

The goal is to understand the unique brain mechanisms associated with autism to provide “better tailored choices” to autistic people.

CMPS shares spiked 11% yesterday after the company announced Q1 financial results, including $21.2M net loss and $243.7M in cash.

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Wesana Health (WESA) is considering selling all assets related to client care (like its network of ketamine clinics and mental health software) to focus solely on drug development.

Psycheceutical Inc., a subsidiary of Psycheceutical Bioscience (BWVI)announced that OG Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington is joining the company as an investor and strategic advisor.

FSD Pharma (HUGE) sold its assets related to cannabis processing to focus on biotech. The C$16.4M in proceeds give the company enough capital to support operations through 2025.

PharmAla Biotech (MDMA) signed a distribution agreement with CCrest Laboratories, making its MDMA available to both international and domestic customers.

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Activists arrested at DEA protest

At least 17 activists were arrested for protesting at the DEA headquarters. The purpose of the protest was to raise awareness about the DEA’s obstruction of access to psilocybin therapy, which should be legal for terminally ill patients through the Right to Try (RTT) laws.

“There is urgent need for the DEA to accommodate RTT and enable access (to psilocybin). This demonstration shines the bright light of public concern and outrage on this agency’s conduct,” says Kathryn Tucker, the attorney behind the litigation.

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