Legal psilocybin therapy comes to Quebec

Numinus Wellness Receives Health Canada Special Access Program Applicant Approval to Provide Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Treatment

After several unsuccessful depression treatments, a patient in Quebec will finally get to try psilocybin therapy through the Special Access Program (SAP), marking the first legal psilocybin treatment in the province.

Numinus Wellness (NUMI) received Health Canada approval to administer the treatment at its Montreal clinic. It will be the company’s first treatment outside of a clinical trial setting.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing more wins like this thanks to TheraPsil, a non-profit that launched an initiative to make it easier for patients to access psilocybin through the SAP. 

The initiative, called Project Solace, will secure a safe supply of psilocybin from HAVN Life (HAVN) and other licensed dealers and collect data on treatment outcomes to support policy change. 

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