Optimizing psychedelic therapy…there’s an app for that!

MINDCURE Signs Exclusive Digital Clinical Data Licensing Agreement with ATMA Journey Centers

MINDCURE’s (MCUR) digital therapeutics platform could improve the psychedelic healing journey for both patients and clinicians!

The software application, iSTRYM, provides clinicians with a global database of therapy protocols, integration plans, and AI-driven data insights into patient journeys. The application connects to mobile and wearable devices to measure pateints’ biological response to the treatment, allowing clinicians to provide personalized care. iSTRYM also offers a Mindfulness Suite that patients can use to explore practices like breathwork and meditation to support their healing. 

This week, MINDCURE signed into an exclusive licensing agreement with ATMA Journey Centers, a private psychedelic therapy clinic in Calgary, which will grant MINDCURE access to anonymous patient data gathered from ATMA’s use of the platform.

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