Psychedelic farmer’s markets coming to Cali!

Oakland Psychedelics Activists Launch Initiative To Legalize Community-Based Sales With Support From City Council

Oakland could legalize the sale of psychedelics as early as next year!

The city decriminalized the use and cultivation of many entheogens back in 2019, and now, activists are building on their progress with a “Go Local” Legislative Initiative. The initiative would create a community-based model to allow people to legally purchase natural psychedelics like psilocybin and ayahuasca from local producers.

The initiative, which is backed by a key City Council member, will gather research on how best to implement the model over the next year and will introduce a legislation in the summer of 2022.

Some possible reforms being considered include allowing commercial agriculture in residential zones, creating “sacred plant adult farmer’s market permits”, and allowing cannabis dispensaries with 100% local ownership to sell entheogens, among may others. All products would have to be grown, produced, and tested locally.

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