Psychedelic music studio receives millions in funding

Wavepaths: The Neuroscientist-Founded Company Producing Music For—And As—Psychedelic Therapy

When patients have a positive response to music during psychedelic therapy, they’re more likely to have a mystical experience and the treatment is more likely to be effective.

That’s why neuroscientist Dr. Mendel Kaelen co-founded Wavepaths – a music studio that uses AI to create customized music on the fly in response to a patient’s emotional state!

The implications of Wavepaths go far beyond psychedelic therapy, with hospitals, birth clinics, hospice centers, and schools showing interest in the technology. It is already being used in 30+ countries and over 5,000 practitioners await its public release.

This week, Wavepaths received $4.5M in seed funding to scale the platform!

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