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If you’re freaking out over the breaking news that Covid shrinks the brain, remember that psychedelics promote neurogenesis 😉 We’re calling it now that we’ll see a study on psilocybin for Covid-related brain shrinkage in the near future.

Here’s what’s in store for you in today’s issue:

🍄 A fun and easy way to lose weight 

🍄 3 LSD microdosing studies

🍄 2 approaches to treating depression with DMT

🍄 How psychedelics interact with antidepressants

🍄 And more.

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Michael Kydd opens up about the impact of losing his mother at a young age

In this episode of the Daily Mushroom Podcast, we have Michael Kydd, an independent consultant helping psychedelic companies navigate the complex world of government relations. in this emotional episode, Michael talks about his experience with the passing of his mother, and how he believes psychedelics could have strongly benefited his mother and his family in that difficult time.

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Two approaches to treating depression with DMT

After finding its DMT formulation to be well-tolerated, Small Pharma (DMT) is launching two new trials this year. 

One will assess how DMT interacts with SSRIs in patients with depression and the other will compare the drug’s effects when administered through muscles versus veins. 

The company has also developed a form of DMT that lasts longer than the typical 30 minute trip, but is still much shorter than a psilocybin or LSD trip.

Biomind Labs (BMND) is taking the opposite approach. The company reduced a DMT trip to just 10-15 minutes by making a formulation that’s inhalable.

Biomind’s formulation will be assessed in a Phase II trial for treatment-resistant depression, which just received approval by the Brazilian Institutional Review Board.

We’re eager to see if the length of the trip makes a difference!

If you’re on antidepressants, psilocybin may be safer than MDMA

An analysis of 40 publications found that MDMA interacts with antidepressants more than psilocybin.

Taking MDMA on antidepressants could lead to toxic levels of serotonin and may be fatal, with MAOIs posing a particularly high risk.

While there is less research on psilocybin, a study from MindMed and Liechti Labs found that the SSRI escitalopram was safe to take with psilocybin, and even reduced trip anxiety.

However, the analysis found that buspirone, chlorpromazine, ketanserin, or risperidone reduced psilocybin’s subjective effects.

This helpful chart has more information on how psychedelics interact with antidepressants, but remember that this is not medical advice. 

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Finally, a fun and easy way to lose weight

Almost 40% of adults are overweight and obesity rates have tripled since the 70s. Luckily, both micro and macro doses of psilocybin may be able to combat this.

How? Psilocybin is structurally similar to serotonin, which is known to suppress the appetite.

NeonMind (NEON) found that when rats had unlimited access to food, those on both high and low doses of psilocybin gained 30% less weight than a control group.

The company is preparing for a clinical trial to see if a high dose of psilocybin combined with behavioral therapy and lifestyle intervention can aid in weight management. NeonMind is also developing a psilocybin microdose to control hunger.


Cutting-edge psychedelic training program

Researchers from Yale, Johns Hopkins, and NYU are collaborating to develop a psychedelic therapy training program for psychiatrists. The project is funded by $1M in donations.

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Numinus (NUMI) received Health Canada approval to research the plants that are used to make ayahuasca and a mescaline-containing cactus called San Pedro.

Albert Labs closed a $4.7M private investment and began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange  under the ticker symbol “ABRT”. The company is focused on bringing psychedelic therapy to European markets to treat cancer-related anxiety and depression.

Novamind (NM) began a Phase II trial on psilocybin for depression, which is sponsored by the non-profit Usona Institute. 

MindBio Therapeutics invested NZ$2.3M to fast-track its research on microdosing LSD for depression and  end-of-life distress in late-stage cancer patients.

Psyched Wellness (PSYC) received a safety certification for its Amanita Muscaria mushroom extract, allowing it to be sold in the US. The product is designed to help with sleep and stress relief. 

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Two decrim bills filed in Rhode Island

One would remove penalties for psilocybin possession and allow medical professionals to prescribe and dispense the drug.

The other would decriminalize possession of up to an ounce of any controlled substance, except fentanyl.

Oklahoma psilocybin bill advances

A psilocybin research and decriminalization bill was approved by the Oklahoma House, advancing it to the Senate. If approved, penalties for psilocybin possession would be reduced to a fine and research institutions would be authorized to study the drug as a treatment for ten different conditions.