Reducing fish seizures

Lead program, BMB-101, advances to IND-enabling toxicology studies with the aim of commencing human trials in 1H 2022

This Vancouver company is making advancements across its drug pipeline.

Bright Minds Biosciences (DRUG) selected Dravet Syndrome, a disorder that causes epilepsy from a young age, as the lead indication for its 5-HT2C formulation, BMB-101. In preclinical studies on zebrafish, BMB-101 was effective in reducing seizure duration and frequency and is now on track to be tested in human trials early next year.

In rat models, BMB-101 showed efficacy in treating opioid use disorder and binge eating disorder with rats demonstrating a 50% reduction in binge eating episodes.

The company also has a 5-HT2A + 5-HT2C mixed compound that is in preclinical development for cluster headaches, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and other pain disorders. Researchers are currently screening 5-HT2A compounds for depression as well.

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