New ways to consume drugs!

Cannabis Global Launches Research Program for Psychedelics Infusions for Foods and Beverages

Will shroom edibles and drinks be the next big thing in Cali?

Cannabis Global Inc. (CBGL) is developing methods to infuse psilocybin and psilocin, as well as other compounds found in psychedelic mushrooms, into foods and beverages.

The LA-based company has initiated research into infusion methods to improve bioavailability of the compounds and to mask the bitter flavour of the mushrooms. The company has already filed 9 patent applications for its cannabinoid infusion technologies including polymeric nanoparticle and emulsion infusions, which it hopes to leverage for this new research program.

With the state of California on track to have a psilocybin legalization measure on the 2022 ballot, the program could potentially serve a large marketplace in the near future.

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