Children took ayahuasca in ancient Incan ritual

Ritual drug use during Inca human sacrifices on Ampato mountain (Peru): Results of a toxicological analysis

A new study suggests that children in the Incan empire took psychedelics to ease stress before being sacrificed.

Archaeologists discovered the 500 year old remains of two Incan children who were sacrificed as part of a ritual called capacocha.

Capacocha was a common ceremony performed to appease the gods for a variety of purposes, such as to prevent natural disasters.

Toxicology samples revealed that the children, who were around the age of 6, consumed coca leaf and ayahuasca in the final weeks of their lives.

According to the study authors, “the Incas may have consciously used the antidepressant properties of (ayahuasca) to reduce the anxiety and depressive states of the victims.”

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“It’s been 50 years since the war and I finally came home”

GoDaddy Billionaire Bob Parsons Believes Psychedelics Can Heal Trauma—And He’s Putting His Money (And Brain) On The Line

Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, suffered from PTSD after witnessing “grisly combat” in the Vietnam War. 

It wasn’t until he went through a multiday therapy treatment with psilocybin, ayahuasca, and LSD that he began to feel like his old self again. 

“What I think psychedelics did was a reset. Now, I’m like people who haven’t been in combat to a certain degree,” he believes. 

Bob is on a mission to help other veterans battling PTSD. He donated $5M to Mount Sinai’s psychedelic research center to fund MDMA therapy training for healthcare practitioners. 

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Are psychedelics the key to a healthy family dynamic?

‘I Did Ayahuasca With My Parents And It Deepened Our Relationship’

To learn more about psychedelic medicine, Dr. Adele Lafrance attended an ayahuasca ceremony with her parents. It was so transformative that she’s planning to conduct studies on how psychedelics can support healthy family relationships.

She explains that the ceremony “planted the seeds for deeper emotional intimacy” and allowed her family to talk about love in a vulnerable way for the first time. The experience helped her heal from painful childhood memories.

“I felt a level of understanding toward my parents that was so deep, forgiveness wasn’t necessary. It was beautiful.”

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Reducing suicidality for 6 months

Decreases in Suicidality Following Psychedelic Therapy: A Meta-Analysis of Individual Patient Data Across Clinical Trials

A meta-analysis of 7 clinical trials (5 psilocybin + 2 ayahuasca) found that psychedelic therapy significantly reduced suicidality in as little as 80 minutes.

The significant reductions were sustained for 3-4 months, and patients still had a moderate reduction in suicidality after 6 months.

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Take this test before your first ayahuasca retreat

Entheon Biomedical Announces Expanded Psychedelics Genetic Test Panel

HaluGen Life Sciences expanded its psychedelic DNA test – it can now assess how your body metabolizes LSD, MDMA and ayahuasca. 

The kit tests for a CYP2D6 gene mutation, which can cause metabolism of the drugs to take up to twice as long. This could lead to longer, more intense trips and adverse reactions. 

Thankfully, the mutation is only present in 5-10% of people!

Entheon Biomedical

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Ayahuasca vs placebo

Ayahuasca users report psychological benefits after taking placebo at a ritualistic ceremony

An ayahuasca retreat could make you more empathetic!

In a recent study, participants reported reduced stress, anxiety, and depression after attending an ayahuasca ceremony… even those who were given a placebo.

However, only the ayahuasca users showed increased empathy.

The supportive group atmosphere could explain why people experienced benefits even without taking ayahuasca.

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