PsyBio Therapeutics (PSYB) begins manufacturing in France

PsyBio Therapeutics Initiates European Manufacturing of Proprietary Biosynthetic Psychedelic Compounds including Psilocybin with France-based Biose Industrie

PsyBio Therapeutics Corp. (PSYB), a Florida-based biotech company, began manufacturing their biosynthetic psilocybin formulations for further testing at a certified facility in France. PsyBio partnered with Biose Industrie to support their European expansion, a company with over 70 years of experience in commercializing pharmaceuticals with live bacterial strains. “Our partnership with Biose will further our research and development goals and demonstrate our commitment to the development of globally-tested and approved therapeutics,” PsyBio’s Chief Medical Officer stated.

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Core One Labs awaits patent for cost-effective biosynthetic psilocybin production system

Core One Labs’ Biosynthesized Psilocybin Provisional Patent Imminent

Vocan Biotechnologies Inc., a subsidiary of Core One Labs Inc. (COOL) is days away from receiving a patent for its biosynthetic psilocybin production system, which is more efficient and significantly cheaper than conventional methods of extracting psilocybin. The proprietary system aims to produce a reliable product that is consistent in quality and concentration while remaining comparable to naturally occurring psilocybin. Core One believes that there is a wide appeal for biosynthetic production as the psychedelics market grows, as “the need for a steady and consistent supply chain will also increase”.

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