Why psychedelics could be the key to world peace

Psychedelics: The newest tool in nuclear negotiations?

This scientist claims she helped end the Cold War with MDMA.

Carol Rosin—a space and missile defense consultant for the US—said she gave MDMA to Soviet scientists and military personnel prior to nuclear negotiations in 1985 (before the drug was illegal).

The plan was created with help from Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS. 

“The thought was that if they can work through their fears and traumas and feel their connection to humanity, then that might be helpful,” Doblin explains.

While some are skeptical if this actually happened, MDMA releases oxytocin (aka the hormone of love and empathy), which could certainly help the opposing sides see eye to eye!  

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Ayahuasca vs placebo

Ayahuasca users report psychological benefits after taking placebo at a ritualistic ceremony

An ayahuasca retreat could make you more empathetic!

In a recent study, participants reported reduced stress, anxiety, and depression after attending an ayahuasca ceremony… even those who were given a placebo.

However, only the ayahuasca users showed increased empathy.

The supportive group atmosphere could explain why people experienced benefits even without taking ayahuasca.

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Enhance your trip with mindfulness meditation

Researchers Find That Mindfulness Meditation Boosts Psilocybin’s Beneficial Effects

Meditating while VR-tripping sounds relaxing, but the real deal might be even more powerful. New research from meditation experts suggests that mindfulness meditation can increase the positive effects of psilocybin. The University of Zurich recruited 40 meditation experts for a five-day meditation retreat where some were given psilocybin and others were given a placebo. Four months later, researchers found that the psilocybin group showed higher levels of optimism, openness, empathy, and self-acceptance, as well as “beneficial changes in psychosocial functioning.”

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