Healing veterans with DMT


In honour of Veteran’s Day, we’re sharing the story of how a Special Ops veteran changed his life with DMT.

Asher Gibson was diagnosed with PTSD and traumatic brain injury after countless combats across the world. Prescription medications began to dominate his life, so he turned to psychedelic healing.

After smoking DMT, the powerful compound found in ayahuasca, Asher was blasted out of his body and traveled through different dimensions to the beginning of time.

“I remember my whole head being ecstatic and numb, like the most wonderful electrical massage on my brain. The feeling moved down my neck and shoulders and eventually filled my entire body.”

After the trip, Asher’s debilitating neck and shoulder pain was almost non-existent and his mental state subsided to manageable levels. He is no longer dependent on prescription drugs.

“While DMT isn’t the magic button that fixes everything, I believe it’s a powerful guide to help you do the work yourself,” he explains.

To bring this kind of relief to other veterans, consider supporting the Heroic Hearts Project – a non-profit organization that provides ayahuasca retreats for veterans with combat experience or military sexual trauma.

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