The shift toward nature-based psychedelic therapy 🌲

The potential synergistic effects between psychedelic administration and nature contact for the improvement of mental health

Experts from Imperial College London predict that combining psychedelics and contact with nature could have a beneficial synergy, as both are known to decrease rumination, increase mindfulness, and elicit feelings of awe and transcendence.

Combining the two could also restore the disconnect and fear of nature that more and more people are feeling as technology takes over.

In their review, the researchers note that it may be beneficial to incorporate natural elements into treatment rooms and include contact with nature in the therapy sessions leading up to and following the psychedelic session.

While a fully outdoor session has drawbacks, the researchers explain that a hybrid indoor/outdoor with large skylights and windows and nature-based design elements would be the ideal setting for psychedelic therapy.

Organizations like Usona Institute and Synthesis Institute are already working to incorporate nature into treatment programs – let’s hope this trend continues!

SAGE Journals

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