Is LSD the new Adderall?

MindMed Initiates Phase 2a LSD Trial for the Treatment of Adult ADHD

MindMed (MNMD) is collaborating with universities in Switzerland and the Netherlands to study the effects of microdosing LSD on adults with ADHD. Patients will be assessed on symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity after microdosing twice a week for six weeks. 

“The study builds on the growing evidence demonstrating LSD has the potential to improve mood and selective cognitive processes,” says the company’s new CEO, Robert Barrow, who was appointed this week.

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Another stock to keep on your radar

Field Trip Stock Could Climb 300% In One Year

It was a big week for this Toronto company!

Last week, HC WainWright gave Field Trip Health (FTRP) a Buy rating, predicting that it will increase from $4.50 to $20 per share in just one year!

The firm noted that Field Trip’s propriety psilocybin analog, FT-104 could soon have some of the strongest intellectual property protection in the sector.

Since the analysis, the company has opened Europe’s first psychedelic therapy healthcare facility in Amsterdam, expanding its network of clinics to six facilities.

Then on Thursday, Field Trip announced that its preparing for Phase I clinical trials, which will commence early next year, to investigate FT-104 in treating post-partum depression and treatment resistant depression.

Psychedelic therapy retreat aims to use psilocybin to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) in veterans

Ground-breaking research to explore the potential for psilocybin to treat traumatic brain injury

This Fall, Heroic Hearts Project will begin psychedelic therapy retreats in the Netherlands and Jamaica to study the effect of psilocybin on veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many veterans sustain brain injuries during their service, which can lead to issues like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. The retreats aim to study both the psychological and physiological impacts of psilocybin therapy.

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