MDMA treats PTSD + eating disorders simultaneously

MDMA-assisted therapy significantly reduces eating disorder symptoms in a randomized placebo-controlled trial of adults with severe PTSD

Patients with PTSD often have eating disorders too. MDMA is known to improve self acceptance and emotional processing, so it may be the perfect treatment for both!

In MAPS’ Phase 3 trial on MDMA for PTSD, 42%* of patients scored in the “clinical” or “at-risk” range on an eating disorder scale prior to the treatment.

MDMA therapy was found to significantly reduce eating disorder symptoms in comparison to a placebo.

MAPS is commencing a multi-site Phase 2 trial this May to further examine MDMA therapy on both anorexia and binge eating.

*Patients with active purging were excluded as a precaution to avoid cardiac arrhythmias.

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